SE209: Airplane State Awareness - Simulator Fidelity (R-D)

SE209: Airplane State Awareness - Simulator Fidelity (R-D)



To improve pilot performance during recovery from a full Stall, the aviation industry should perform research to determine the benefits of using various levels of prototype advanced aerodynamic modeling of full stall characteristics to perform full stall recovery training. The research should determine:

  1. the upset and stall recognition and recovery learning objectives (i.e., metrics for satisfactorily completing the training);
  2. the ability to satisfactorily model full stall characteristics across a variety of aircraft types;
  3. whether the various model characteristics make a difference in full stall recovery training;
  4. how to insert aircraft response characteristics into the simulator to ensure the skills learned in simulator training are directly usable in real flight.

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The report An Evaluation of Several Stall Models for Commercial Transport Training, was issued to provide the information cited under Outputs 1 and 2 of this Safety Enhancement.

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