SE212: Area Navigation (RNAV) – Equipment and Procedures to Improve Route Entry for RNAV Departures


The purpose of this Safety Enhancement is to reduce the frequency of crew errors during initial Flight Management System (FMS) programming of departure routes, regulators and Air Carriers take steps to address issues concerning pre-departure clearances (PDC) and pre-departure route changes.

  • Improve the likelihood that air carrier dispatch files a route that is not changed in the cleared route of flight. (Output 1)
  • Standardize PDC format, with PDC changes from the flight plan clearly alerted in a consistent manner. (Output 2)
  • Implement tower ability to provide Data Communications Clearance Delivery (DCL) and encourage operator deployment of the capability to autoload pre-departure route clearances, with crew acknowledgement, into the FMS. (Output 3)

Related Implementation Plan

Detailed Implementation Plan

Completed Outputs

FAA Order 7110.113E, Procedures for Issuing Automated Clearances, was revised to standardize the format of pre-departure clearances. This completes Output 2 of the SE.

Related Outputs

FAA Order 7110.113E, Procedures for Issuing Automated Clearances

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