SE214: Area Navigation (RNAV) – Procedures and Standards to Improve Path Compliance for STARs and RNAV Departures


The purpose of this Safety Enhancement is to reduce deviations from the aircraft's intended path. In order to reduce deviations, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA)Air Carriers, and manufacturers will implement procedural and standards improvements to consistently execute departure or arrival procedures as published. Aircraft capability to consistently execute the arrival or departure procedure as published will be validated.

  1. Develop aircraft, operator, and procedure design criteria for aircraft performance on arrival and departure procedures under the expected range of operational conditions.
  2. Support development of aircraft and avionics standards to improve path conformance and reduce pilot automation errors on Standard Terminal Arrival Routes (STARs) and Area Navigation (RNAV) departures for new aircraft and new equipment.

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Detailed Implementation Plan

Related Outputs

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has published Order 8260.58A, United States Standard for Performance Based Navigation (PBN) Instrument Procedure Design.

Additionally, the Radio Technical Commission for Aeronautics (RTCA) has published the following specifications:

  • DO-236C Change 1, Minimum Aviation System Performance Standards: Required Navigation Performance for Area Navigation
  • DO-283B, Required Navigation Performance (RNP)

They are available for purchase at the RTCA website.

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