SE218: Runway Excursion - Overrun Awareness and Alerting Systems


The purpose of this Safety Enhancement is to reduce landing overrun accidents. Manufacturers should develop and manufacturers and operators should implement on-board technologies to reduce or prevent landing overruns on new and existing airplane designs, as applicable and feasible. These technologies should be deployed on new and existing airplanes as follows:
- Manufacturers make systems available on all new type certificate and major derivative, amended type certificate programs involving redesign of flight deck avionics launched after June 1, 2015.
- Manufacturers study the feasibility of providing system on current production, in-development, and out-of-production airplane programs.
Air Carriers implement on-board technology, as feasible, through purchase on new airplanes and retrofit on existing transport category airplanes.

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Detailed Implementation Plan

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Aircraft manufacturers have evaluated the feasibility of adding runway overrun protection technology to out-of-production airplanes, and the air carrier industry associations have reviewed the material. Manufacturers have agreed to offer onboard technology to reduce or prevent landing overruns on applicable new transport category airplane (TCA) programs launched after June 1, 2015.

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