SE223: Cargo - Hazardous Material Fires - Prevention and Mitigation


This Safety Enhancement directs Air Carriers, aircraft manufacturers, lithium battery manufacturers, and shippers of hazardous materials develop and implement means to prevent fires involving hazardous materials from occurring on board aircraft, or to prevent any fires that do occur from endangering the aircraft or its occupants. To reduce the occurrence of accidents and incidents due to cargo fires involving hazardous materials, including lithium batteries, the aviation community (government, industry, and academia) should develop and implement the following:

  1. A procedural method to identify and provide information to the flightcrew about the presence of lithium batteries, including those categorized under International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Dangerous Goods Section II*, tendered for transport by aircraft. Note: Most hazardous materials with a comparable fire risk (especially hazardous materials that can both ignite and fuel a fire) are already required to be declared to the operator and made known to the flightcrew.
  2. Systematic, performance-based fire mitigation standards for hazardous materials at the packaging level.
  3. Systematic, performance-based fire mitigation standards for hazardous materials at the cargo container level.
  4. Procedures that prevent the cumulative hazard of multiple dangerous goods shipments on the aircraft to exceed the capability of aircraft fire protection systems and operator equipment.

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