SE224: Cargo - Hazardous Material Fires - Enhanced Fire Detection Systems (R-D)

SE224: Cargo - Hazardous Material Fires - Enhanced Fire Detection Systems (R-D)



The purpose of this Safety Enhancement is to outline research to be conducted by the aviation community (government and industry ) to enable the development and certification of technologies that enhance flightcrew awareness of smoke, fire, fumes, and/or other fire effects within the cargo compartments. These detection strategies are:

  1. Published standards and regulatory guidance regarding detection of smoke, fire, fumes, and other detrimental effects of a fire.
  2. Fire detection systems that work in accordance with these published standards, including detection systems within unit load devices (ULD) or other containers as well as aircraft-based detection systems with capabilities exceeding those currently required by Title 14, Code of Federal Regulations (14 CFR) part 25. These detection systems should alert the flightcrew of the status and location of the fire within the cargo compartment.
  3. Published research results for optimization of multi-criteria fire detection systems on aircraft that can detect fires (including lithium battery fires) in a more timely manner that is less prone to false alarms.

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Detailed Implementation Plan

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