SE233: Approach and Landing Misalignment - Air Carrier Procedures and Training

SE233: Approach and Landing Misalignment - Air Carrier Procedures and Training



The purpose of this Safety Enhancement is to reduce the risk of aircraft approaching or landing on a surface other than what they were cleared for (such as the wrong runway, taxiway, or airport). Air carriers should examine their own safety data to determine if they are at increased risk of approach and landing misalignment (ALM), and, if so, consider implementing actions outlined in this SE to decrease and mitigate the risk. Specifically, air carriers should assess current standard operating procedures (SOP) related to approach briefings and runway approach selection in the flight management system (FMS). While some air carriers may have already implemented portions of these policies and procedures in the context of unstable approaches, CAST recommends air carriers enhance the training or application of these initiatives in the interest of preventing runway misalignments.

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Action 1, FAA Flight Standards Service (AFX) to publish guidance on flightcrew best practices to prevent a misalignment and CAST should communicate the findings of the ALM JSAIT to air carriers. Air carriers to evaluate existing approach and landing procedures against recommended misalignment prevention best practices, as well as assess and revise their policies and procedures based on the results of their evaluation.

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