SSP Assessment Tool

SSP Assessment Tool


This tool has been developed by the SM ICG to be used for assessing State Safety Management responsibilities and an SSP. Use of this tool is voluntary; however, it can be used for initial assessment or continuous improvement of an SSP. The tool is based on a series of questions or expectations that can be used by a State to assess the effectiveness of its SSP. It requires an interaction with all SSP stakeholders including face-to-face discussions and interviews with a cross-section of people as part of the assessment. It has been designed to indicate the State’s level of compliance with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Eight Critical Elements (CE) of a State Safety Oversight (SSO) system, integrate the SSP approach and the CEs of a SSO system where applicable, and harmonize both SSP implementation and assessment globally. The goal is to thereby establish a common standard for evaluating compliance and effectiveness of the SSP.


NOTE: This SM ICG SSP Assessment Tool is for States' self-assessment and is not related to the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) State Safety Programme Implementation Assessment (SSPIA) Protocol Questions.

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