TCAS RAs Generated due to Transponder Testing on the Ground

TCAS RAs Generated due to Transponder Testing on the Ground

Background information

  • Airborne Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) II interrogates, within its range, all Mode S and Mode A/C SSR transponders squawking altitude. That includes ground-based transponders operated for testing or maintenance.
  • If these transponders respond with an altitude report close to that of aircraft flying in the vicinity, their TCAS II Traffic Display will show a ‘ghost’ target and, more seriously, could generate TAs/RAs against such targets.
  • Recently, events have been reported in which RAs were generated by transponders that were being tested on the ground.
  • These unnecessary RAs were disruptive to the flight crew and air traffic control.

EUROCONTROL Mode S & ACAS programme advice

  • TAs/RAs due to transponder testing on the ground are disruptive and potentially hazardous and must be prevented.
  • To avoid these TAs/RAs special caution and appropriate procedures are required during transponder testing and maintenance.
  • In order to prevent the transmission of a virtual altitude which could then be mistakenly used by airborne systems, the followings steps are recommended:
    • Use effective screening or absorption devices on the antennas or physically connect the ramp test set to the antenna system.
    • Where possible, perform the testing inside a hangar to take advantage of any shielding properties it may provide.
    • Manually set the altitude to a high value (e.g. over 60,000 feet) or unrealistically low (e.g. negative 2000).
    • Select the transponder(s) to ‘OFF’ or ‘Standby’ when testing is complete.
  • The simulation of TCAS operations must not be carried out by the radiation from an antenna located on, or remotely based from a workshop.

Additional information and advice

Your support is required

  • Note the subject and investigate the relevance for your operational environment.
  • National Regulators: develop national guidance for transponder testing on the ground to prevent the interference with TCAS II operations.
  • Maintenance/test facilities: ensure that steps are taken along the recommendations in this Safety Warning Message and any national requirements when transponders are tested on the ground.
  • ANSPs/airlines: report occurrences of RAs generated by transponder testing on the ground to national regulatory authorities.

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