Throttle Lever

Throttle Lever

Thrust Lever / Power Lever


A throttle lever, more often referred to as a thrust lever or power lever, is the means by which the pilot controls the amount of fuel provided to the engine with which it is associated. There is normally one throttle lever for each engine and, depending upon the flight deck or cockpit configuration, they may be installed on the centre console, side console, on the dash board or mounted on the aircraft ceiling. In some two pilot flight decks, each pilot station has its own set of throttle levers. In some older aircraft, the pilots shared one set of throttles and a second set was installed at the flight engineer station. In both of these cases, the levers are linked and moving one set of levers results in a similar movement of the other.

Dependant upon the installation, throttle levers may incorporate provisions for selecting reverse thrust, have a fuel cut-off position or have some means of preventing beta (ground) range selections whilst the aircraft is in flight.

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