Toolkit for air traffic management occurrence investigation (TOKAI)

Toolkit for air traffic management occurrence investigation (TOKAI)


Toolkit for air traffic management occurrence investigation


The tool-kit for ATM occurrence investigations (TOKAI) is a web-based application by EUROCONTROL that enables users to report, investigate and take corrective actions following aviation occurrences (incidents and accidents).

TOKAI is a solution that: 

  • meets the legal obligations to report and investigate occurrences 
  • provides statistical functions for reporting

Once a safety occurrence has happened, a notification report is filled in. This triggers the investigation process (gathering of facts, analysis, conclusions and recommendations). The application has a user-management system and allows definition and assignment of roles such as investigator, viewer, administrator, reporter, etc.

TOKAI enables ANSPs to replace legacy systems (e.g. paper based) and adopt modern electronic tools. The report and investigation templates are customisable so that they can meet the needs of the different ANSPs. The filled-in templates are stored in a database which allows investigators to make statistical analyses and create reports which can then be sent to management or exchanged with other entities (the competent authority, other ANSPs, etc.).

Currently, more than 60 ANSPs use TOKAI (10 of those are located outside Europe).

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