UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA)

UK Civil Aviation Authority (UK CAA)


The UK Civil Aviation Authority is a public corporation established by the UK Parliament in 1972 as an independent specialist aviation regulator.

The UK government requires that the CAA’s costs be covered entirely by charges levied on those who are provided a service or regulated by the CAA. It is not funded by UK taxpayers.


The UK CAA’s responsibilities include airlines, airports, airspace, aviation capacity, aviation security, drones, the environment, pilot medicals and travel companies.

The CAA regulates all UK airlines and airports to ensure they comply with relevant UK and international safety standards, including, in the case of airlines, European-wide safety regulations set by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency. The CAA also can take enforcement action against airlines that do not systematically comply with consumer laws and to ensure airlines systematically display fares transparently.

Airspace change proposals are considered and decided on by the CAA, considering safety, efficiency and noise impact on local communities.

The CAA regulates security arrangements at UK airports, air carriers, cargo and in-flight suppliers to ensure that the relevant entities comply with UK and international security requirements.

When it comes to drones, the UK CAA permits operators who want to use drones for commercial purposes and provides advice to the public and industry on how to fly drones safely and reduce risk to aviation.

International Group

The UK CAA’s International Group supports the sustainable success of air transportation by raising the standards of aviation across the globe “to protect those who choose to fly, as well as those who don’t,” according to the CAA website.

There are three functions within the International Group. Its International Strategy and Engagement team works with global and regional organizations and aviation agencies on international policy issues. Its State Safety Partnerships programs engages with other States, their industries and UK industry on managing safety performance and risk mitigation. CAA International is a technical advisory arm that focuses on providing advisory, training, examination and licensing serves to agencies, other national aviation authorities and industry around the world. CAA International works on a commercial basis and reinvests any profits into the international aviation community through the umbrella International Group

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