Unauthorised Penetration of Airspace

Unauthorised Penetration of Airspace

What we have Experienced

  • Infringement of controlled airspace constitutes severe operational hazard;
  • Recent Safety Improvement Sub-Group (SISG) meetings have identified this hazard as one of the highest priorities for focussing the safety improvement efforts.
  • SISG reported on a variety of causal factors including:
  • Specific concern was reported regarding:
    • Class “E” airspace infringement;
    • Difficulties in establishing interfaces to General Aviation crew for providing aeronautical information and awareness;
    • PPL training, licensing and proficiency maintenance.

Potential Solutions

  • Review and improvement of the airspace organisation - including allocation and classification;
  • Establishing interface with General Aviation and providing them with regular awareness packages;
  • EUROCONTROL has launched a study to investigate the possible carriage of SSR/Mode-S transponders by light aircraft.


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