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Title Category Author Date of publication
HindSight 32 (complete document) Enhancing Safety EUROCONTROL 09.Jul.2100
Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Regulation (EU) No 923/2012 Air Ground Communication EASA 25.Nov.2021
SE 127 R4.5 Remaining Risk - Cargo Fires - Fire Management CAST Safety Enhancements Plan CAST 07.Oct.2021
CAST - SE 223 R1.6 Remaining Risk - Cargo - Hazardous Material Fires - Prevention and Mitigation CAST Safety Enhancements, CAST Safety Enhancements Plan CAST 07.Oct.2021
CAST - SE 186 R4.4 TCAS Sensitivity Level Command CAST Safety Enhancements, CAST Safety Enhancements Plan CAST 07.Oct.2021
SE226 R1.5 Remaining Risk - Cargo - Hazardous Materials Fires - Enhanced Protection of Occupants and Aircraft CAST Safety Enhancements Plan CAST 07.Oct.2021
CAST - SE 224 R0.4 Cargo - Research - Hazardous Material Fires - Enhanced Fire Detection Systems (R-D) CAST Safety Enhancements, CAST Safety Enhancements Plan CAST 07.Oct.2021
The Systemic Potentials Management: Building a Basis for Resilient Performance Organisation and Human Performance EUROCONTROL 30.Sep.2021
SIB 2021-12R1: Use of ATIS by ATS Units to Promulgate Information on Runway Surface Conditions – Global Reporting Format Enhancing Safety, Runway Excursion EASA 03.Sep.2021
SIB 2017-10R1 : En-route Wake Turbulence Encounters Enhancing Safety, Wake Vortex Turbulence EASA 02.Sep.2021
Charting a New Approach: What Goes Well and Why at American Airlines Safety Management American Airlines 01.Sep.2021
IOSA Standards Manual, Edition 14 Monitoring & Oversight, Safety Management IATA 01.Sep.2021
Regulation 2021/1338 Single European Sky European Commission 11.Aug.2021
Regulation 2017/373 consolidated 2021 Single European Sky European Commission 11.Aug.2021
Annual Safety Review 2021 Enhancing Safety, Publications EASA 05.Aug.2021
Annual Safety Recommendations Review 2020 Enhancing Safety, Publications EASA 03.Aug.2021
HindSight 32 - Operational challenges and opportunities for ANSPs Publications EUROCONTROL 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - The seven habits of highly connected people Publications Coormac Russell 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Foreword Publications Toni Licu 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Human and organisational factors Q&A Publications Osman Saafan 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Why won't workers speak up?: The difference between psychological safety and trust Publications Nippin Anand 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Invited Foreword Publications Martin Rolfe 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Fatigue and Currency: How more down time may increase risk this summer Publications Katy Lee 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Just culture manifesto Publications EUROCONTROL 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Editorial: Navigating the new reality Publications Steven Shorrock 09.Jul.2021
HindSigh 32 - Back in the saddle: Adjustments to the new reality of work at American Airlines Publications Bogomir Glavan 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Making it easy for people to do the right thing Publications Immanuel Barshi 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Marginal gains in safety, wellbeing and performance at Cathay Publications Pete McCarthy 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - A global aeromedical perspective on the new reality Publications Ansa Jordaan 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - French safety study on the low activity period Publications DSAC safety Management Coordination Team 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - The way we do things around here: conversations about norms Publications Robert de Boer 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Human performance in the spotlight: Underload Publications Mark Young 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Should we throw ATM out with the bathwater? Publications Anders Ellerstrand 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - EUROCONTROL safety and human performance: Key publications Publications EUROCONTROL 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Vaccination strategies and ATCO preparedness for traffic recovery in European ANSPs Publications Stijn de Graaff 09.Jul.2021
HindSigt 32 - EUROCONTROL safety update: EUROCONTROL Safety Team and subgroups Publications EUROCONTROL 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - The day that turned into a year: Lessons learnt from providing human factors support remotely Publications Courtney Jaegar & Rhian Williams-Skingley 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - A surgeon's take on human and organisational factors: A conversation with Manoj Kumar Publications Manoj Kumar 09.Jul.2021
HindSight 32 - Online teaching and facilitation: Lessons from experience Publications Cca Bunjevac and Steven Shorrock 09.Jul.2021
Hindsight 32 - Adjusting to major life changes Publications Stephen Joseph with Steven Shorrock 09.Jul.2021
Learning From All Operations: Expanding the Field of Vision to Improve Aviation Safety Safety Management Flight Safety Foundation 01.Jul.2021
AAIB Annual Safety Review 2020 Publications UK AAIB 24.Jun.2021
Acceptable Level of Safety Performance (AloSP) - Implementation guidance within the European Union framework Publications, Safety Management EUROCONTROL 31.May.2021
EASA SIB No. 2021-11: Content of Aeronautical Information Publication – Assessment and Reporting of Runway Surface Conditions (GRF) Runway Excursion EASA 27.May.2021
Concepts of Design Assurance for Neural Networks (CoDANN) II (Public extract) Publications EASA & Daedalean AG 19.May.2021
Vaccination of ATCOs - operational reccommendations. Guidelines in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic Aeromedical, Publications EASA & EUROCONTROL 11.May.2021
EVAIR Bulletin No 22, Years 2015-2019 Publications EUROCONTROL 10.May.2021
Global Action Plan for the Prevention of Runway Excursions (GAPPRE), Parts 1 and 2 Overrun on Landing, Overrun on Take Off, Runway Excursion EUROCONTROL/FLIGHT SAFETY FOUNDATION 04.May.2021
Team Resource Management - Guidelines for the Implementation and Enhancement of TRM Human Factors Training, Publications EUROCONTROL 26.Apr.2021
Annex A to TRM Guidance Material - TRM Modules Human Factors Training, Publications EUROCONTROL 26.Apr.2021


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