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Title Category Author Date of publicationsort descending
Flight Comment Magazine, Issue 2 of 2012 Publications RCAF
Hindsight 16 - Editorial - The average weight of one Publications Tzvetomir Blajev
Objectif SECURITE 3: Bird hazard at take-off Publications DSAC (France)
EAPPRE Appendix E - Aircraft Operators Runway Excursion EUROCONTROL
IR-OPS ORO.SEC Safety Regulations EASA
A&G ARO.OPS Safety Regulations EASA
European Commission Regulation 965/2012, 5 Oct 12, IR-OPS Rules European Commission
ICAO Doc 9966: Fatigue Risk Management Systems - Manual for Regulators, Appendix B, 2012 Aeromedical ICAO
Runway Status Lights: FAA Vehicle Operator Reference Guide Runway Incursion, Runway Incursion Safety Nets, Safety Nets FAA
Runway Excursions - An ATC Perspective on Unstable Approaches Publications, Runway Excursion CANSO
Safety Notice: Missed Approaches in Response to Onboard Windshear Alerts, 04 June 2013 Enhancing Safety, Loss of Control, Loss of Separation UK CAA
HindSight 17 - Production and safety are not opposites Publications Professor Sidney Dekker
Airbus A319: Airplane characteristics for aiport planning AC, 01 May 2017 Flight Technical Airbus
Flammability Assessment of Lithium-Ion and Lithium-Ion Polymer Battery Cells Designed for Aircraft FAA
Green Paper on the gains for the European ATM Network of aligned weather impact management Enhancing Safety, Weather EUROCONTROL
KNKT., B739 runway excursion, Pekanbaru Indonesia, 14 Feb 2011 Accident Reports, Human Factors, Runway Excursion NTSC (Indonesia)
Doc 8896 - Manual of Aeronautical Meteorological Practice, 9th edition, 2011 Weather ICAO
Just culture and American jurisprudence Publications Tom Lintner and Tom Dunlop
Civil/Military Cooperation in Air Traffic Management - ICAO Circ330 Enhancing Safety ICAO
RTO AGARDograph 341: The Requirements for an Emergency Breathing System (EBS) in Over-Water Helicopt Helicopter Safety NATO
SAFITA Training Review spreadsheet Fire Smoke and Fumes Royal Aeronautical Society
SM ICG Description SM ICG
SM ICG Industry Abstracts and Bios, May 2014 SM ICG
Accident Repot: A30B Lateral runway excursion during landing roll, nose landing gear collapse, Brati Accident Reports, Airworthiness, Runway Excursion BEA (France)
HindSight 19 - To land or not to land – causal and contributory factors in landing without clearance Publications Alfonso Barba
preventing Level-bust - Operator's strategies Level Bust Stephen Eggenschwiler
Accident Report: CRJ7 Runway excursion, Lorient France, 16 Oct 2012 Accident Reports, Human Factors, Runway Excursion BEA (France)
HindSight 3 - Airspace Infringement: Pilots Problems Airspace Infringement EUROCONTROL
ACAS II Bulletin No. 7 - The Dos and Don'ts of TCAS II Operations - March 2006 Loss of Separation, Level Bust EUROCONTROL
Level Bust Briefing Note Gen 1 - Level Busts: Overview Level Bust EUROCONTROL
Airbus FOBN - Human Performance - CRM Aspects in Incidents / Accidents Operational Issues, Organisation and Human Performance Airbus
Guidance for the Implementation of FUA Airspace Infringement EUROCONTROL
ATSB - ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Programme General ATSB
Best Practices for the Staffing of Safety Management Actvities Safety Management EUROCONTROL
NTSB - AAB-00/01 Accident Reports, Human Factors NTSB
FAA Policy for Propeller Safety Analysis Safety Management FAA
TSB - Aviation Investigation Report A99W0061 (AS335 FIRE) Accident Reports, Airworthiness, Fire Smoke and Fumes TSB (Canada)
AIBN - Report 17/2002 A310 Level Bust Accident Reports, Level Bust, Loss of Separation AIBN (Norway)
AAIB Interim Report, Boeing 777-236ER, G-YMMM, Heathrow, 17 Jan 2008 Accident Reports, Airworthiness AAIB (UK)
BFU - Report No. 1958, LOS, Zurich, 2006 Accident Reports, Loss of Separation BFU (Switzerland)
BEA - su-f040321a(Serious Incident - Unstabilised approach/near terrain go-around) Accident Reports, Human Factors, Loss of Control BEA (France)
NTSB - FTW03FA182 C172 Birdstrike McKinney TX, 8 July 2003 Accident Reports, Wildlife Strike, Loss of Control NTSB
JAA - TGA 36: Approval of Electronic Flight Bags (EFBs), 2004 Flight Technical JAA
NTSB - AAR-97/05: Airborne Express DC86 LOC 1996 Accident Reports, Loss of Control NTSB
SHK Report RL2007-12e DH8D Kalmar Accident Reports, Human Factors, Loss of Control Swedish Accident Investigation Board (SHK)
(French ver.) Turkish Airlines DC-10, Ermenonville Forest, France 1974 Accident Reports, Airworthiness, Loss of Control French Secretariat of State for Transport
Enhancing Flight Crew Management of Unexpected Events OGHFA, Human Factors Flight Safety Foundation
BFU EX006-1-2/04, Serous Incident, Runway Incursion between AT45 and B733, Munich Airport, 3 May 200 Accident Reports, Runway Incursion BFU (Germany)
AAIB Bulletin 7/2009 EW/G2008/12/05, Boeing 767-39H, G-OOAN, Manchester, 13 Dec 2008 Accident Reports, Ground Operations, Human Factors AAIB (UK)
FSF ALAR Briefing Note 8.4 - Braking Devices Runway Excursion Flight Safety Foundation


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