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Title Category Author Date of publication
AAIU Report 2010-012, Gulfstream IV, VT-MST, Killarney Ireland, 13 Jul 2009 Accident Reports, Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Human Factors AAIU (Ireland)
Final Report Tu-154M, Republic of Poland, Smolensk Russia, CFIT, 10 April 2010 (English version) Accident Reports, Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Human Factors, Weather MAK (Russian Federation)
NetAlert Newsletter Feb 11 Safety Regulations EUROCONTROL
Hindsight 13 - Breaks from operational duty Human Factors Steve Shorrock
Occupational stress and stress prevention in air traffic control Professor Giovanni Costa
EUROCONTROL Safety Alert Poster - Crime Safety Alert EUROCONTROL
Transport Canada Holdover Time (HOT) Guidelines Winter 2017-2018 Ground Operations Transport Canada
The Use of EGPWS Data for Aviation Safety Investigation Neil Campbell
CISM Case Studies Organisation and Human Performance EUROCONTROL
Development of a Common Hazard Taxonomy Safety Management International Collaboration Group (SM ICG)
ECCAIRS 4.2.8 - Aviation operations ICAO
Report SL 2012/04, B462 runway excursion, Stord Norway, 10 Oct 2006 Accident Reports, Airworthiness, Human Factors, Runway Excursion AIBN (Norway)
ICAO Doc 9870 App E - Aerodrome Resource Management Training Course Runway Incursion ICAO
Ryanair Cost Index Policy, effective from 27 Oct 2012 Publications Ryanair
Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material to Part-ORA of IR-OPS Safety Regulations EASA
Hindsight 16 - Aircraft automation made simple Publications Michel Tremaud
EAPPRE 3.1 General Principles and Runway Safety Teams Runway Excursion EUROCONTROL
Spatial Disorientation Aeromedical, Controlled Flight Into Terrain, HF-AM, HF-AO, Human Factors, Loss of Control FAA
A&G SPA.H Safety Regulations EASA
OPS12IA167AB B737 Runway Incursion, Chicago Midway, 1 Dec 2011 Accident Reports, Runway Incursion, Human Factors NTSB
Runway Overrun Prevention System Runway Excursion Airbus
Final report RL 2011:08e, incident involving AT72 and seven skydivers, Gärdet, AB County, Sweden 21 Accident Reports, Human Factors, Loss of Separation AIB (Sweden)
Introduction of Ramp-LOSA at KLM Ground Services Dr Robert de Boer, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences
REPORT IN-007/2012 (English), Loss of separation between A330 and A319, near Barcelona, 8 Feb 2012 Accident Reports, Loss of Separation, Human Factors, Air Ground Communication CIAIAC (Spain)
The Study of Accidents and Serious Incidents Involving a Go-Around Captain Ed Pooley, FSF EAC
EASA Automation Policy: Bridging Design and Training Principles Flight Technical, Human Factors EASA
Loss of separation over Uitgeest, A330 and B737, Netherlands, 13 November 2012 Accident Reports, Human Factors, Loss of Separation Dutch Safety Board
AIC: P 067/2013 - Helicopter Flight in Degraded Visual Conditions, 11 July 2013 Helicopter Safety UK CAA
Aircraft Accident Report, D228, vicinity Kathmandu Nepal, 28 Sept 2012 Accident Reports, Loss of Control, Human Factors AAIC (Nepal)
Line Operations Safety Audit (LOSA), First Edition 2002 Safety Management ICAO
Final Report no. 2165, loss of separation between A319 and PRM1, near Fribourg Switzerland, 10 June Accident Reports, Loss of Separation, Human Factors SAIB (Switzerland)
Inconsistency under the law Publications Captain Ed Pooley
Final Report No. 2184, Loss of separation between A320 and C56X, Geneva Switzerland, 17 Aug, 2012 Accident Reports, Loss of Separation, Human Factors SAIB (Switzerland)
Do you really understand how your trim works? Loss of Control, Flight Technical, Theory of Flight Alex Fisher
Air Accident Report: 1/2011, AS3B CFIT vicinity ETAP offshore platform, North Sea, 18 Feb 2009 Accident Reports, Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Human Factors AAIB (UK)
Using GNSS as a VFR navigation tool General Aviation Airservices Australia
Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents 1959-2006 Publications Boeing
(English) Incident Report: A319, Unstabilised approach, GPWS warnings, go-around, Tunis, 24 Mar 2012 Accident Reports, Human Factors, Loss of Control BEA (France)
HindSight 19 - To land or not to land – causal and contributory factors in landing without clearance Publications Alfonso Barba
HindSight 19 - A Day in the Life Bengt Collin
Altitude Deviations - STEADES In-depth Analysis Level Bust Giancarlo Buono
Air Traffic Organization PolicyJO 7110.65V FAA
HindSight 1 - Wake Vortex Turbulence - Crash follows encounter with Boeing 757 Wake Turbulence Wake Vortex Turbulence EUROCONTROL
HindSight 6 - Alert Controller Prevents CFIT Accident Controlled Flight Into Terrain, Human Factors EUROCONTROL
Airspace Infringement Risk Analysis - Part II - General Aviation Airspace Airspace Infringement EUROCONTROL
8.33 kHz Procedures Quick Reference Air Ground Communication, EUROCONTROL Safety Alerts EUROCONTROL
Airbus FOBN - Supplementary Techniques - Altimeter Setting - Use of Radio Altimeter Level Bust, Controlled Flight Into Terrain Airbus
HF15 TRM Test and Evaluation Human Factors, Human Factors EUROCONTROL
Guidelines for Safety Regulatory Auditing ESARRs EUROCONTROL
Guidance Material for STCA: App A Safety Nets EUROCONTROL


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