Accidents and Incidents

This directory contains articles about particular Accidents and Incidents that are considered illustrative of the contemporary safety issues and recommended potential solutions. The information contained in each summary article on an individual accident or incident is derived from the published official investigation report, which may in each case be found on the SKYbrary bookshelf. A direct link to each official report is provided at the end of each summary article. The complete list of events is provided on this and the following pages in the order of the ICAO aircraft type code in alphabetical order.

Aircraft types

On this page you will find all aircraft types mentioned on SKYbrary, listed by ICAO Aircraft Type Designator. If you do not find the aircraft type that you are looking for, or do not know the ICAO code, try searching for the name.


On this page you will find all airports mentioned on SKYbrary. If you do not find the airport that you are looking for, try searching for the ICAO code, or try searching for the city the airport serves.

ICAO Member States and Territories

On this page you will find information about ICAO Member States and Territories, listed in alphabetical order. States' short names are used. States' full names are available in the official listing of States in the United Nations Terminology Bulletin.

The directory entries include a map of the State or Territory and a list of airports located on that State territory. This directory supports the display of SKYbrary accidents & incidents and airport articles in their geographical context.

Aircraft operators

On this page you will find all operators mentioned on SKYbrary within the Accident and Serious Incident database. The operators are listed by their name.

The directory entries include brief information on the nature of the operator, the principal base, standard callsign, and ICAO code as well as links to events in the SKYbrary accident and serious event database that involved the operator. A number of the operators are no longer flying but the information is included for historical reference.


SKYbrary bookshelf is a rich collection of safety related material (rules, regulations, safety analyses, studies, presentations, and other documents) produced and published by recognised civil aviation organisations and entities. The bookshelf entries support the related SKYbrary articles as ‘Further Reading’ providing more detailed and in-depth information on the topics covered in a particular article. A bookshelf entry is identified by its title, the author and the date of publication.

On this page you can access the entire bookshelf collection and browse it, including by using the pre-defined filters.

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