Dennie Coumans

Dennie Coumans

After my Human Factors research in 2003 at the Garuda Indonesia maintenance facility in Jakarta, I graduated from the Amsterdam University (Bachelor Aeronautical Engineering). Via Air Exel Operations and Martinair Technics, I started as a Customer Service Engineer in 2007 at Samco Aircraft Maintenance. From 2007 until my life-changing event in 2017, I supported various African operators with the day-to-day operation and heavy maintenance preparation. I currently work at the Quality Department.

I live in Maastricht, Netherlands, with my beautiful wife, wonderful daughter and our little dog. I love to ride my handbikes on outdoor trails. During my rides I enjoy the beautiful nature, silence and epic sceneries. Photography and handbiking is my golden combination. I also love to read, to build with Lego, and music energises my soul. Since my life on wheels, I also love to cook. But aviation has been my passion since I was young, when my father took me to Maastricht Airport. The DC10, L1011 Tristar and Boeing 707 are my favourite aircraft.


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