Paul Cullen

Paul Cullen is an airline Captain, and over a 20 year flying career has accumulated over 13,000 flying hours. Paul is an accredited Air Accident Investigator and previously held the position of Director of Safety & Technical with the Irish Air Line Pilots Association (IALPA). As an airline pilot, Paul is concerned about the lack of understanding of mental health issues for pilots. During his time in IALPA, Paul worked closely with the Pilot Advisory Group (PAG) in assisting pilots, and observed that the available supports were very misunderstood. This directly caused several pilots to significantly delay seeking assistance, which allowed the issues to unnecessarily increase in severity over time, before finally being addressed. Almost all pilots involved reported fearing that they would have been “the only pilot to have ever suffered with such an issue”. While the highly confidential nature of the PAG is to be welcomed and continued, unfortunately it does little to allay such fears in pilots struggling with an issue. Specifically, Paul is concerned about the safety impact of this, as well as the detrimental impact on pilots mental health/wellbeing. Overall, Paul would like to see change in this area.


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