Tom Laursen

Tom Laursen is the Executive Vice President Europe for the International Federation of Air Traffic Controllers (IFATCA). Tom Laursen has been an Air Traffic Controller (ATCO) since 1989 and has, until today, worked with three different Air Navigation Service Providers in the countries Denmark, Bahrain and Switzerland. From 2004 until 2008, he has worked in the safety management department within skyguide, Switzerland as Head of Incident Investigation. Today he is back in Denmark and is again working as an ATCO within Naviair. Besides the practical Investigation experience as the Head of Incident Investigation, he has worked with the establishment of Just Culture principles and processes under the mandate of Eurocontrol and driven the development of fundamentally new approaches to coaching of Danish air traffic controller trainees, leading to substantial improvements in trainee success rates. Tom Laursen fulfilled in 2005 the requirements for a Master Degree in Human Factors in Aviation from the University of Linköping, Sweden. From 2007 he has been teaching safety management and systemic safety at universities in Switzerland.

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