About Just Culture

Objectives and strategy

Just Culture Repository and Knowledge Centre

  1. We are helping to create a safer and more civilized world by developing better ways to interpret human behaviour and helping others to do it
  2. We do this in the firm belief that:
    • Our civilization is kept safe by many professionals
    • Professionals are humans
    • Humans make mistakes
    • We therefore must find a way to deal justly and fairly with these inevitable errors and extract the best possible learning from those mistakes
  3. We achieve this through:
    • A Repository: The most complete data on legislation, rules, guidance, methodologies, cases, stories.
    • Expertise: Providing the best possible independent advice and expertise.
    • Promotion: Promoting awareness with the general public and media. We speak up!
    • Support: Understand and support States, Governments, Judiciary, Organisations, Groups and Individuals with:
      • Presentations and workshops
      • Up to date and relevant documentations
      • Lists of experts that can be consulted
      • Chat box and live support.
  4. Learning is safer than punishing!

The Just Culture Manifesto

You can propel our goals forward by publicly signing your name to our Manifesto. Invite your network friends to sign up to this as well! Visit the page of the original Just Culture Manifesto, together with a list of names that have signed and support our goals!

The short version of the manifesto reads:

How we treat people who are involved in unwanted safety events is critical both for improving how organisations and States work and for improving our experience at work. We sign up to the following five commitments, which we believe are critical for the safety and wellbeing, learning and fairness.

  1. Ensure freedom to work, speak up and report without fear: People at work should feel free to work, speak up and report harmful situations, conditions, events, incidents or accidents without fear of unfair, unjust or unreasonable blame or punishment.
  2. Support people involved by incidents and accidents: The organisation must support people who are involved in or affected by accidents. This is the first priority after an unwanted event.
  3. No unacceptable behaviour: Gross negligence and wilful misconduct are very rare, but should not be not tolerated, regardless of the outcome.
  4. Take a systems perspective: Safety must be considered in the context of the overall system, not isolated individuals, parts, events or outcomes.
  5. Design systems that make it easy to do the right things: Improving safety means designing ways of working that make it easy to do the right thing and hard to do the wrong thing.

These commitments will only come to life if we sign up to them and put them into action. People need to commit to them and make them a reality in organisations and societies. We are committed. We hope you are too.

We invite all who support the principles in this Manifesto to join us, and to help make Just Culture a reality in all countries, industries, and occupations.

I agree, sign me up!

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