Just Culture Knowledge Centre

The Knowledge Centre

The aim of the Knowledge Centre is to provide interested parties with operational expertise and understanding based on the comprehensive overview of: applicable law, registered commitments, policies and positions of states, (judiciary) authorities and other organisations covered in the Just Culture repository.

Furthermore, initiatives may be taken to provide interested or third parties (media) with established views/opinions and background material for support or information.

Because building a Just Culture is more than just knowing the laws and regulations, tailored support may help your organisation to:

  • secure participation from all parties within an organisation;
  • develop a Just Culture mindset from the shopfloor to the Board room;
  • understand the legal, operational and cultural dimensions relevant to the Just Culture;
  • harmonize a Just Culture approach that can support actors in all safety-critical sectors, where Just Culture is needed;
  • establish regular and informal discussions with the national prosecutors and other involved parties to discuss occurrences and related subjects of mutual interest.

Currently the Knowledge Center is still under development. Keep an eye on this page to follow any news about the progress of this initiative.

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