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Airplane Design Group (ADG)

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The Airplane Design Group (ADG) is an FAA-defined grouping of aircraft types which has six groups based on wingspan and tail height. These groups are defined in FAA Advisory Circular 150/5300-13. It is sometmes used in place of element 2 of the ICAO Aerodrome Reference Code


The ADG is based on the most restrictive of either the aircraft wingspan or the aircraft tail height. The ADG categories are as follows:

Group Wingspan in feet (m) Tail Height in feet (m) Typical Aircraft
I < 49' (15m) < 20' (6.1m) CESSNA 421 Golden Eagle/PIPER PA-31
II 49' (15m) - < 79' (24m) 20' (6.1m) - < 30' (9.1m) CRJ/SAAB 340
III 79' (24m) - < 118' (36m) 30' (9.1m) - < 45' (13.7m) BOEING 737-700/AIRBUS A-320/EMBRAER ERJ 190-100
IV 118' (36m) - < 171' (52m) 45' (13.7m) - < 60' (18.3m) B767 Series/AIRBUS A-310
V 171' (52m) - < 214' (65m) 60' (18.3m) - < 66' (20.1m) B777 Series/B787/A330 Family
VI 214' (65m) - < 262' (80m) 66' (20.1m) - < 80' (24.4m) BOEING 747-8/AIRBUS A-380-800

The ADG is part of the FAA's Runway Design Code (RDC) described in AC 150/5300-13 which three aircraft type-related classifications are combined to form the RDC for a particular runway for design purposes

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