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Territory information
Full Name Alaska
ICAO Region North America


Airports in Alaska

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Accidents in Alaska

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Operators based in Alaska

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Full Airport listing of Alaska

ICAOMain city servedLocationSubdivisionElevation
Adak AirportAdak IslandAdak IslandAlaska18 feet5.486 m
Akhiok AirportAkhiokAkhiokAlaska44 feet13.411 m
Alakanuk AirportAlakanukAlakanukAlaska10 feet3.048 m
Allakaket AirportAllakaketAllakaketAlaska441 feet134.417 m
Allen Army AirfieldFort GreelyDelta JunctionAlaska1,291 feet393.497 m
Ambler AirportAmblerAmblerAlaska334 feet101.803 m
Anaktuvuk Pass AirportAnaktuvuk PassAnaktuvuk PassAlaska2,102 feet640.69 m
Angoon Seaplane BaseAngoonAngoonAlaska
Annette Island AirportAnnette IslandAnnette IslandAlaska119 feet36.271 m
Anvik AirportAnvikAlaska291 feet88.697 m
Arctic Village AirportArctic VillageAlaska2,092 feet637.642 m
Atka AirportAtkaAlaska57 feet17.374 m
Atqasuk Edward Burnell Sr Memorial AirportAtqasukAtqasukAlaska96 feet29.261 m
Barter Island LRRS AirportBarter IslandBarter IslandAlaska2 feet0.61 m
Beaver AirportBeaverAlaska359 feet109.423 m
Bettles AirportBettlesAlaska647 feet197.206 m
Big Mountain AirportBig MountainAlaska663 feet202.082 m
Bob Baker Memorial AirportKianaAlaska166 feet50.597 m
Brevig Mission AirportBrevig MissionAlaska38 feet11.582 m
Bryant Army Air Force AirportFort RichardsonAlaska378 feet115.214 m
Buckland AirportBucklandAlaska31 feet9.449 m
Cape Lisburne LRRS AirportCape LisburneCape LisburneAlaska16 feet4.877 m
Cape Newenham LRRS AirportCape NewenhamCape NewenhamAlaska541 feet164.897 m
Cape Romanzof LRRS AirportCape RomanzofCape RomanzofAlaska464 feet141.427 m
Central AirportCentralAlaska937 feet285.598 m
Chalkyitsik AirportChalkyitsikAlaska544 feet165.811 m
Chefornak AirportChefornakAlaska40 feet12.192 m
Chenega Bay AirportChenegaAlaska72 feet21.946 m
Chevak AirportChevakAlaska75 feet22.86 m
Circle City (New) AirportCircleCircleAlaska613 feet186.842 m
Clear AirportClear MewsAlaska552 feet168.25 m
Cold Bay AirportCold BayAlaska96 feet29.261 m
Deering AirportDeeringAlaska21 feet6.401 m
Eagle AirportEagleAlaska908 feet276.758 m
Eareckson Air StationShemyaAlaska95 feet28.956 m
Eek AirportEekAlaska12 feet3.658 m
Egegik AirportEgegikAlaska92 feet28.042 m
Elfin Cove Seaplane BaseElfin CoveElfin CoveAlaska0 feet0 m
Elim AirportElimAlaska162 feet49.378 m
False Pass AirportFalse PassAlaska20 feet6.096 m
Fort Yukon AirportFort YukonAlaska433 feet131.978 m
Funter Bay Seaplane BaseFunter BayAlaska
Gambell AirportGambellAlaska27 feet8.23 m
Golovin AirportGolovinAlaska59 feet17.983 m
Gulkana AirportGulkanaAlaska1,586 feet483.413 m
Gustavus AirportGustavusAlaska35 feet10.668 m
Haines AirportHainesAlaska15 feet4.572 m
Healy River AirportHealyAlaska1,263 feet384.962 m
Holy Cross AirportHoly CrossAlaska70 feet21.336 m
Hooper Bay AirportHooper BayAlaska13 feet3.962 m
Hughes AirportHughesAlaska299 feet91.135 m
Huslia AirportHusliaAlaska220 feet67.056 m
Hydaburg Seaplane BaseHydaburgAlaska
Igiugig AirportIgiugigAlaska90 feet27.432 m
Iliamna AirportIliamnaAlaska192 feet58.522 m
Indian Mountain LRRS AirportIndian MountainsUtopia CreekAlaska1,273 feet388.01 m
Kake AirportKakeAlaska172 feet52.426 m
Kalskag AirportKalskagAlaska55 feet16.764 m
Kaltag AirportKaltagAlaska181 feet55.169 m
Karluk AirportKarlukAlaska137 feet41.758 m
Kasigluk AirportKasiglukAlaska48 feet14.63 m
King Cove AirportKing CoveAlaska155 feet47.244 m
Kipnuk AirportKipnukAlaska11 feet3.353 m
Kivalina AirportKivalinaAlaska13 feet3.962 m
Klawock AirportKlawockAlaska80 feet24.384 m
Klawock Seaplane BaseKlawockAlaska
Kobuk AirportKobukAlaska137 feet41.758 m
Koliganek AirportKoliganekAlaska269 feet81.991 m
Kongiganak AirportKongiganakAlaska30 feet9.144 m
Kotlik AirportKotlikAlaska15 feet4.572 m
Koyuk Alfred Adams AirportKoyukAlaska154 feet46.939 m
Koyukuk AirportKoyukukKoyukukAlaska149 feet45.415 m
Kwethluk AirportKwethlukAlaska25 feet7.62 m
Kwigillingok AirportKwigillingokAlaska18 feet5.486 m
Ladd AAF AirfieldFort WainwrightAlaska454 feet138.379 m
Lake Hood Seaplane BaseAnchorageAlaska71 feet21.641 m
Larsen Bay AirportLarsen BayAlaska87 feet26.518 m
Manley Hot Springs AirportManley Hot SpringsAlaska270 feet82.296 m
Marshall Don Hunter Sr AirportMarshallAlaska103 feet31.394 m
Mc Kinley National Park AirportMcKinley ParkAlaska1,720 feet524.256 m
McGrath AirportMcgrathAlaska341 feet103.937 m
Mekoryuk AirportMekoryukAlaska48 feet14.63 m
Metlakatla Seaplane BaseMetakatlaAlaska
Minchumina AirportLake MinchuminaAlaska678 feet206.654 m
Mountain Village AirportMountain VillageAlaska337 feet102.718 m
Nelson Lagoon AirportNelson LagoonAlaska14 feet4.267 m
New Stuyahok AirportNew StuyahokAlaska364 feet110.947 m
Nightmute AirportNightmuteAlaska4 feet1.219 m
Nikolai AirportNikolaiAlaska441 feet134.417 m
Nikolski Air StationNikolskiAlaska77 feet23.47 m
Noatak AirportNoatakAlaska88 feet26.822 m
Nondalton AirportNondaltonAlaska314 feet95.707 m
Northway AirportNorthwayAlaska1,715 feet522.732 m
Nuiqsut AirportNuiqsutAlaska38 feet11.582 m
Nulato AirportNulatoAlaska399 feet121.615 m
Palmer Municipal AirportPalmerAlaska242 feet73.762 m
Perryville AirportPerryvilleAlaska29 feet8.839 m
Pilot Point AirportPilot PointAlaska57 feet17.374 m
Platinum AirportPort MollerAlaska15 feet4.572 m
Port Clarence Coast Guard StationPort ClarenceAlaska10 feet3.048 m
Port Heiden AirportPort HeidenAlaska95 feet28.956 m
Port Moller AirportCold BayAlaska20 feet6.096 m
Prospect Creek AirportProspect CreekAlaska1,095 feet333.756 m
Quinhagak AirportQuinhagakAlaska42 feet12.802 m
Robert/Bob/Curtis Memorial AirportNoorvikAlaska55 feet16.764 m
Ruby AirportRubyAlaska658 feet200.558 m
Russian Mission AirportRussian MissionAlaska51 feet15.545 m
Sand Point AirportSand PointAlaska21 feet6.401 m
Savoonga AirportSavoongaAlaska53 feet16.154 m
Scammon Bay AirportScammon BayAlaska14 feet4.267 m
Selawik AirportSelawikAlaska17 feet5.182 m
Shageluk AirportShagelukAlaska79 feet24.079 m
Shaktoolik AirportShaktoolikAlaska24 feet7.315 m
Shishmaref AirportShishmarefAlaska12 feet3.658 m
Shungnak AirportShungnakAlaska197 feet60.046 m
Skagway AirportSkagwayAlaska44 feet13.411 m
Sleetmute AirportSleetmuteAlaska190 feet57.912 m
South Naknek Nr 2 AirportSouth NaknekAlaska162 feet49.378 m
Sparrevohn LRRS AirportSparrevohnSparrevohnAlaska1,585 feet483.108 m
St George AirportPoint BarrowAlaska125 feet38.1 m
St Mary's AirportSt Mary'sAlaska312 feet95.098 m
St Michael AirportSt. MichaelAlaska98 feet29.87 m
St Paul Island AirportSt. Paul IslandAlaska63 feet19.202 m
Talkeetna AirportTalkeetnaAlaska358 feet109.118 m
Tatalina Lrrs AirportTatalinaAlaska964 feet293.827 m
Teller AirportTellerAlaska294 feet89.611 m
Tin City Long Range Radar Station AirportTin CityAlaska271 feet82.601 m
Togiak AirportTogiak VillageAlaska21 feet6.401 m
Tok Junction AirportTokAlaska1,639 feet499.567 m
Toksook Bay AirportToksook BayAlaska59 feet17.983 m
Ugnu-Kuparuk AirportKuparukAlaska67 feet20.422 m
Venetie AirportVenetieAlaska574 feet174.955 m
Wainwright Air StationFort WainwrightAlaska35 feet10.668 m
Wainwright AirportWainwrightAlaska41 feet12.497 m
Wales AirportWalesAlaska22 feet6.706 m
White Mountain AirportWhite MountainAlaska267 feet81.382 m
Whittier AirportWhittierAlaska30 feet9.144 m
Yakataga AirportYakatagaAlaska12 feet3.658 m