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Territory information
Name Algeria
Territory code DA DZ.gif
Region Europe


Algeria, officially People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, has Algiers as its capital

Airports in Algeria

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Accidents in Algeria

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Operators based in Algeria

Airport listing of Algeria

Adrar/Touat-Cheikh Sidi Mohamed Belkebir AirportAdrar919 feet280.111 m <br />AdrarAdrar
Ain Arnat AirportSetif3,360 feet1,024.128 m <br />Setif
Ain Oussera AirportAin Oussera2,132 feet649.834 m <br />Djelfa
Ain el Beida AirportOuargla492 feet149.962 m <br />Ouargla
Algiers/Houari Boumediene AirportAlgiers82 feet24.994 m <br />Dar-El-BeidaBoumerdes
Annaba/Rabah BitatAnnaba
Batna AirportBatna2,697 feet822.046 m <br />Batna
Biskra AirportBiskra289 feet88.087 m <br />Biskra
Blida AirportBlida535 feet163.068 m <br />Blida
Bordj Badji Mokhtar AirportBordj Badji Mokhtar1,303 feet397.154 m <br />Adrar
Bou Chekif AirportTiaret3,245 feet989.076 m <br />Tiaret
Bou Saada AirportBou Saada1,506 feet459.029 m <br />M'sila
Bou Sfer AirportBou Sfer187 feet56.998 m <br />Oran
Boufarik AirportBoufarik335 feet102.108 m <br />Blida
Béchar Boudghene Ben Ali Lotfi AirportBéchar2,661 feet811.073 m <br />BécharBechar
Cheikh Larbi Tébessi AirportTebessa2,661 feet811.073 m <br />Tebessa
Djanet Inedbirene AirportDjanet3,176 feet968.045 m <br />Illizi
Ech Cheliff AirportEch-cheliff463 feet141.122 m <br />Chlef
El Golea AirportEl Golea1,306 feet398.069 m <br />Ghardaia
Es Senia AirportOran295 feet89.916 m <br />Oran
Ghriss AirportGhriss1,686 feet513.893 m <br />Mascara
Guemar AirportGuemar203 feet61.874 m <br />El Oued
Hassi Messaoud/Oued Irara - Krim Belkacem AirportHassi Messaoud459 feet139.903 m <br />Hassi MessaoudOuargla
Hassi R'Mel AirportTilrempt2,540 feet774.192 m <br />Laghouat
Illizi Takhamalt AirportIllizi1,778 feet541.934 m <br />Illizi
In Aménas AirportZarzaitine1,847 feet562.966 m <br />Illizi
In Salah AirportIn Salah896 feet273.101 m <br />Tamanghasset
Jijel Ferhat Abbas AirportJijel36 feet10.973 m <br />
Laghouat AirportLaghouat2,510 feet765.048 m <br />Laghouat
Mecheria AirportMecheria3,855 feet1,175.004 m <br />Naama
Reggane AirportReggan955 feet291.084 m <br />Adrar
Relizane AirportRelizane282 feet85.954 m <br />Relizane
Sidi Bel Abbes AirportSidi Bel Abbes1,614 feet491.947 m <br />Sidi Bel Abbes
Soummam AirportBejaja20 feet6.096 m <br />Bejaia
Tafaraoui AirportOran367 feet111.862 m <br />Oran
Timimoun AirportTimimoun1,027 feet313.03 m <br />Adrar
Tindouf AirportTindouf1,453 feet442.874 m <br />Tindouf
Touggourt Sidi Madhi AirportTouggourt279 feet85.039 m <br />Ouargla
Zenata – Messali El Hadj AirportTlemcen814 feet248.107 m <br />Tlemcen