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Avoiding Action Phraseology

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Category: Safety Alert Safety Alerts
Content source: EUROCONTROL Safety Alerts EUROCONTROL

Safety Warning Message

Avoiding Action Phraseology

Date: 16 June 2004 Safety Warning Message.gif

What we Experienced

  • EUROCONTROL SISG discussions reconfirmed again, and from recent safety occurrences it was found that the correct Avoiding Action Phraseology has not been effectively used, and/or it has not been used where it would have been appropriate to;
  • The BFU Uberlingen Investigation Report emphasised the importance of the proper use of avoiding action phraseology.

ICAO Procedure

  • Please note the following phraseology contained in ICAO PANS ATM - provisions for Radar Phraseology - TRAFFIC INFORMATION AND AVOIDING ACTION:
e) "TURN LEFT (or RIGHT) IMMEDIATELY HEADING (three digits) TO AVOID [UNIDENTIFIED] TRAFFIC (bearing by clock-reference and distance)"; or,
f) "TURN LEFT (or RIGHT) (number of degrees) DEGREES IMMEDIATELY TO AVOID [UNIDENTIFIED] TRAFFIC AT (bearing by clock-reference and distance)".
Please, note that ICAO provides two formats for an avoiding action message, both specifying a manoeuvre in the horizontal plane.


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