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Accidents and Incidents

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This directory contains articles on particular Accidents and Incidents. Almost all are events which have been classified by the investigating agency as requiring an investigation under the national version of the generic procedures described in ICAO Annex 13. The severity of the actual outcome is not the primary qualification for inclusion. Instead, each event has been included because the investigation findings were considered to be illustrative of safety issues which it would be especially useful to make more widely available. The information contained in each summary article on an individual accident or incident is derived from the published Official Investigation Reports which may in each case be found on the SKYbrary bookshelf. A direct link to each Official Report is provided at the end of each summary article. A complete list of events is provided on this page in the order of the ICAO aircraft type code.


You can browse the category using the Accidents and Incidents browser, which allows you to filter the displayed list of articles to show only those that interest you.


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Title Convention

Summary article titles are constructed in accordance with the following sequence: Aircraft Type Designator, Occurrence Location, and year of Occurrence.


AGC = Air Ground Communications (including Call Sign Confusion), AI = Airspace Infringement, AW = Airworthiness, BS = Bird Strike, CFIT = Controlled Flight into Terrain, FIRE = Fire (includes post crash fore and non fire source fumes), GND = Ground Operations, HF = Human Factors, LB = Level Bust, LOC = Loss of Control, LOS = Loss of Separation, RE = Runway Excursion, RI = Runway Incursion, WAKE = Wake Turbulence, WX = Weather.

Statistical Summaries

A number of organisations publish statistics on aviation safety. See Aviation Safety Statistics for an explanation of terms and links to current publications.

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