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FAB Guidance Checklist

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This check-list is the upper layer material of the guidance material for the establishment and modification of FABs. It can be used by FAB States and their stakeholders either as a stand-alone advisory material or in conjunction with the detailed guidance material.

The purpose of the FAB Guidance Checklist is to identify in brief and practical statements, to the extent possible:

  • those actions that must be conducted or should be conducted by FABs in relation to FAB-relevant mandatory regulatory requirements; and
  • voluntary actions deemed of higher relevance, that FABs may opt to consider and conduct in relation to mandatory requirements and optional regulatory provisions.

All mandatory regulatory requirements have equal priority, as given to them by their legal status. Beyond this level of prioritisation, the FAB Guidance Check-list does not intend to provide any priority assessment with regard to actions that parties in a FAB should take to comply with the requirements. This is entirely at the discretion of the Member States and their FAB Stakeholders.

For further explanation how to use the FAB Guidance checklist click here.

FAB Guidance Checklist
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