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   Af:equatorial climate
   Am:monsoon climate
   Aw:tropical savannah climate
   BWh:warm desert climate
   Bwk:cold desert climate
   Bsh:warm semi-arid climate
   Bsk:cold semi-arid climate
   Csa:warm Mediterranean climate
   Csb:temperate Mediterranean climate
   Cwa:humid subtropical climate
   Cwb:temperate China climate
   Cwc:cool China climate
   Cfa:warm oceanic climate/humid subtropical climate
   Cfb:temperate oceanic climate
   Cfc:cool oceanic climate
   Dsa:warm continental climate/Mediterranean continental climate
   Dsb:temperate continental climate/Mediterranean continental climate
   Dsc:cool continental climate
   Dsd:cold continental climate
   Dwa:warm continental climate/humid continental climate
   Dwb:temperate continental climate/humid continental climate
   Dwc:cool continental climate/subarctic climate
   Dwd:cold continental climate/subarctic climate
   Dfa:warm continental climate/humid continental climate
   Dfb:temperate continental climate/humid continental climate
   Dfc:cool continental climate/subarctic climate
   Dfd:cold continental climate/subarctic climate
   ET:tundra climate
   EF:ice cap climate