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Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Territory information
Name Democratic Republic of the Congo
Territory code FZ CD.gif
Region Africa


Congo, (Congo – Kinshasa), officially Democratic Republic of the Congo, has Kinshasa as its capital

Airports in Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Accidents in Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Operators based in Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Airport listing of Democratic Republic of the Congo

Bandundu AirportBandoundu1,063 feet324.002 m <br />Bandundu
Basango Mboliasa AirportKiri1,013 feet308.762 m <br />Bandundu
Basankusu AirportBasankusu1,217 feet370.942 m <br />Equateur
Boma AirportBoma26 feet7.925 m <br />Bas-Congo
Bukavu Kavumu AirportBukavu/kavumu5,643 feet1,719.986 m <br />Sud-Kivu
Bunia AirportBunia4,045 feet1,232.916 m <br />Orientale
Buta Zega AirportButa Zega1,378 feet420.014 m <br />Orientale
Gbadolite AirportGbadolite1,509 feet459.943 m <br />Equateur
Gemena AirportGemena1,378 feet420.014 m <br />Equateur
Goma International AirportGoma5,089 feet1,551.127 m <br />Nord-Kivu
Ilebo AirportIlebo1,450 feet441.96 m <br />Kasai-Occidental
Inongo AirportInongo1,040 feet316.992 m <br />Bandundu
Kalemie AirportKalemie2,569 feet783.031 m <br />Katanga
Kamina Base AirportKamina Base3,543 feet1,079.906 m <br />Katanga
Kananga AirportKananga2,139 feet651.967 m <br />Kasai-Occidental
Kasongo AirportKasongo1,785 feet544.068 m <br />Maniema
Kikwit AirportKikwit1,572 feet479.146 m <br />KikwitBandundu
Kindu AirportKindu1,630 feet496.824 m <br />Maniema
Kinshasa/Ndjili International AirportKinshasa1,027 feet313.03 m <br />KinshasaKinshasa
Kisangani Simisini AirportKisangani1,289 feet392.887 m <br />Orientale
Kisangani/Bangoka International AirportKisangani1,417 feet431.902 m <br />Kisangani
Kitona Base AirportKitona Base394 feet120.091 m <br />Bas-Congo
Kolwezi AirportKolwezi5,007 feet1,526.134 m <br />Katanga
Kotakoli AirportKotakoli1,801 feet548.945 m <br />Equateur
Lisala AirportLisala1,509 feet459.943 m <br />Equateur
Lodja AirportLodja1,647 feet502.006 m <br />Kasai-Oriental
Lubumbashi International AirportLubumashi4,295 feet1,309.116 m <br />Katanga
Matari AirportIsiro2,438 feet743.102 m <br />Orientale
Mbandaka AirportMbandaka1,040 feet316.992 m <br />Equateur
Mbuji Mayi AirportMbuji-mayi2,221 feet676.961 m <br />Kasai-Oriental
Muanda AirportMuanda89 feet27.127 m <br />Bas-Congo
Ndolo AirportKinshasa915 feet278.892 m <br />Kinshasa
Nioki AirportNioki1,043 feet317.906 m <br />Bandundu
Tshikapa AirportTshikapa1,595 feet486.156 m <br />Kasai-Occidental
Tshimpi AirportMatadi1,115 feet339.852 m <br />Bas-Congo