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Stuttgart Airport

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Name Stuttgart Airport
Region Europe
Territory Germany DE.gif
Location Echterdingen, Stuttgart
Serving Stuttgart
Elevation 388.925 m <br />1,276 ft <br />1,276 ft388.925 m <br />
Coordinates 48° 41' 16.98" N, 9° 12' 37.36" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
7/25 3345 m10,974.409 ft <br /> 45 m147.638 ft <br /> CON yes/yes

Observation EDDS 222020Z 35002KT CAVOK 10/07 Q1026
Station Stuttgart-Echterdingen
Date/Time 22 September 2021 20:20:00
Wind direction 350°
Wind speed 02 kts
Lowest cloud amount clouds and visibility OK
Temperature 10°C
Dew point 7°C
Humidity 81%
QNH 1026 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Stuttgart Airport



International airport serving Stuttgart, Germany.


Temperate Marine climate/Oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification Cfb) - Moderately cool summer and comparatively warm winter.



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of EDDS

  • A319 / WT9, vicinity Stuttgart Germany, 2017 (On 26 June 2017, an Airbus A319 which had just taken off from Stuttgart came into conflict in Class ‘D’ airspace with a VFR light aircraft crossing its track and when, at 1,200 feet agl, the TCAS RA to descend which resulted was followed, an EGPWS Mode 3 Alert was generated. Clear of Conflict was annunciated after 10 seconds and climb resumed. The Investigation concluded that the light aircraft pilot had failed to follow the clearance which had been accepted and had caused the flight path conflict which was resolved by the response of the A319 to the TCAS RA.)
  • B738, Stuttgart Germany, 2005 (On 23 April 2005, a Boeing 737-800 being operated by Turkish charter airline Sky Air on a passenger flight from Stuttgart to Dusseldorf tipped onto its tail when take off thrust was applied for the intended departure from Runway 25 in normal day visibility. The attempt to take off was immediately abandoned and the aircraft towed back to the gate for the 100 passengers to disembark. One of the cabin crew was slightly injured and the aircraft was ‘severely damaged’.)
  • E145, Stuttgart Germany, 2009 (On 5 January 2009, a Flybe Embraer 145 made a late touchdown with slight snow falling on a runway pre-notified as affected by slush deposits and failed to stop until it had overrun into the RESA where it finally stopped on a heading 25º off the runway alignment. The Investigation concluded that although the airport operator process for determining braking action was flawed and two Safety Recommendations were made in that respect, the overrun of the 3045metres LDA was attributable to flight crew action and that operator guidance was deficient.)