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Territory information
Name Egypt
Territory code HE EG.gif
Region Middle East


Egypt, officially Arab Republic of Egypt, has Cairo as its capital

Airports in Egypt

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Accidents in Egypt

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Operators based in Egypt

Airport listing of Egypt

Abu Simbel AirportAbu Simbel616 feet187.757 m <br />Abu SimbelAswan
Alexandria/Borg El Arab International AirportAlexandria177 feet53.95 m <br />Borg El ArabAl Iskandariyah
Alexandria/El Nouzha AirportAlexandria-6 feet-1.829 m <br />AlexandriaAl Iskandariyah
Assiut International AirportAsyut772 feet235.306 m <br />AsyutAl Wadi al Jadid
Aswan International AirportAswan662 feet201.778 m <br />AswanAswan
Cairo International AirportCairo382 feet116.434 m <br />CairoAl Qahirah
Cairo West AirportCairo550 feet167.64 m <br />CairoAl Jizah
El Alamein International AirportDabaa City143 feet43.586 m <br />El AlameinMatruh
El Arish International AirportEl Arish121 feet36.881 m <br />El ArishShamal Sina'
El Gora AirportEl Gorah324 feet98.755 m <br />El GorahShamal Sina'
El Tor AirportEl Tor115 feet35.052 m <br />El TorJanub Sina'
Hurghada International AirportHurghada52 feet15.85 m <br />HurghadaAl Bahr al Ahmar
Luxor International AirportLuxor294 feet89.611 m <br />LuxorQina
Marsa Alam International AirportMarsa Alam251 feet76.505 m <br />Marsa AlamAl Bahr al Ahmar
Marsa Matruh AirportMersa Matruh94 feet28.651 m <br />Mersa MatruhMatruh
Port Said AirportPort Said8 feet2.438 m <br />Port SaidAsh Sharqiyah
Sharm el-Sheikh International AirportSharm El Sheikh143 feet43.586 m <br />Sharm El SheikhJanub Sina'
Sharq Al-Owainat AirportSharq Al-Owainat859 feet261.823 m <br />Sharq Al-OwainatAl Wadi al Jadid
St Catherine International AirportSt. Catherine4,368 feet1,331.366 m <br />St. CatherineJanub Sina'
Taba International AirportTaba2,415 feet736.092 m <br />TabaShamal Sina'