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Territory information
Name Ethiopia
Territory code HA ET.gif
Region Africa


Ethiopia, officially Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, has Addis Ababa as its capital

Airports in Ethiopia

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Accidents in Ethiopia

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Operators based in Ethiopia

Airport listing of Ethiopia

Aba Segud AirportJimma5,587 feet1,702.918 m <br />JimmaOromia
Aba Tenna Dejazmach Yilma International AirportDire Dawa3,802 feet1,158.85 m <br />Dire DawaDire Dawa
Alula Aba Nega AirportMekelle7,406 feet2,257.349 m <br />MekelleTigray
Arba Minch AirportArba Minch3,894 feet1,186.891 m <br />Arba MinchSNNPR
Asosa AirportAsosa5,121 feet1,560.881 m <br />AsosaBenishangul-Gumuz
Awasa AirportAwasa5,604 feet1,708.099 m <br />AwasaSNNPR
Axum AirportAxum6,916 feet2,107.997 m <br />AxumTigray
Baco AirportJinka4,580 feet1,395.984 m <br />BacoSNNPR
Bahir Dar AirportBahir Dar5,976 feet1,821.485 m <br />Bahir DarAmhara
Beica AirportBeica5,410 feet1,648.968 m <br />BeicaOromia
Bole InternationalAddis Ababa7,656 feet2,333.549 m <br />Addis AbabaAddis Ababa
Debre Marqos AirportDebre Marqos8,136 feet2,479.853 m <br />Debre MarqosAmhara
Debre Tabor AirportDebre Tabor8,465 feet2,580.132 m <br />Debre TaborAmhara
Demibidolo AirportDemibidolo5,200 feet1,584.96 m <br />DemibidoloOromia
Fincha AirportFincha7,600 feet2,316.48 m <br />FinchaOromia
Gambela AirportGambela1,771 feet539.801 m <br />GambelaGambela
Ghinnir AirportGhinnir6,499 feet1,980.895 m <br />GhinnirOromia
Gode AirportGode830 feet252.984 m <br />GodeSomali
Gondar AirportGondar6,542 feet1,994.002 m <br />GondarAmhara
Gore AirportGore6,580 feet2,005.584 m <br />GoreOromia
Humera AirportHumeraHumeraTigray
Jijiga AirportJijiga5,413 feet1,649.882 m <br />JijigaSomali
Kabri Dar AirportKebri DarKebri DarSomali
Kombolcha AirportDessie6,120 feet1,865.376 m <br />KombolchaAmhara
Lalibela AirportLalibela6,423.885 feet1,958 m <br />LalibelaAmhara
Mekane Selam AirportMekane SelamMekane SelamAmhara
Mizan Teferi AirportMizan Teferi4,396 feet1,339.901 m <br />Mizan TeferiSNNPR
Nejjo AirportNejo6,150 feet1,874.52 m <br />NejoOromia
Nekemte AirportNekemte6,500 feet1,981.2 m <br />NekemteOromia
Robe AirportGoba7,892 feet2,405.482 m <br />Bale RobeOromia
Shakiso AirportShakiso5,800 feet1,767.84 m <br />ShakisoOromia
Tippi AirportTippi4,068 feet1,239.926 m <br />TippiSNNPR
Tum AirportMaji4,650 feet1,417.32 m <br />TumSNNPR