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F50, Isle of Man, 2009

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On 15 January 2009 a VLM Fokker 50 left the side of the runway at the Isle of Man during the daylight landing roll. It was concluded that directional control had been lost on the wet runway because the crew had attempted rudder steering whilst also applying reverse pitch, an action which was contrary to SOPSs.
Event Details
When January 2009
Actual or Potential
Event Type
Human Factors, Runway Excursion
Day/Night Day
Flight Conditions On Ground - Normal Visibility
Flight Details
Aircraft FOKKER F50
Operator VLM
Domicile Belgium
Type of Flight Public Transport (Passenger)
Origin London City Airport
Intended Destination Isle of Man Airport
Take off Commenced Yes
Flight Airborne Yes
Flight Completed No
Flight Phase Landing
Location - Airport
Airport Isle of Man Airport
Tag(s) Ineffective Monitoring,
Manual Handling,
Procedural non compliance
Tag(s) Directional Control,
Significant Crosswind Component
Tag(s) RFFS Procedures
Damage or injury Yes
Aircraft damage Minor
Causal Factor Group(s)
Group(s) Aircraft Operation
Safety Recommendation(s)
Group(s) None Made
Investigation Type
Type Independent


On 15 January 2009 during the landing roll at the Isle of Man in normal daylight visibility following a scheduled passenger flight from London City Airport, a Fokker F50 being operated by VLM left the side of the runway.


An Investigation carried out by the UK AAIB found that selection of a high reverse pitch setting whilst attempting to use rudder steering after touch down on a wet runway had led to a loss of directional control in the presence of a significant, but within-limits, cross wind component. It further established that appropriate standard operating procedures had not been followed. In particular, there was clear guidance in the VLM Operations Manual that for this aircraft type ‘The rudder is not effective for directional control with reverse’. No Safety Recommendations were made.

F50 OO-VLF RE Isle of Man
Runway excursion, Fokker F50 OO-LVF, Isle of Man, 15 Jan. 2009

The Final Report of the Investigation was published on 8 April 2010: AAIB Bulletin: 4/2010 ref. EW/C2009/01/04

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