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Territory information
Name Greece
Territory code LG GR.gif
Region Europe


Greece, officially Hellenic Republic, has Athens as its capital

Airports in Greece

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Accidents in Greece

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Operators based in Greece

Airport listing of Greece

Agrinion AirportAgrinio154 feet46.939 m <br />AgrinioAcarnania
Aktion National AirportPreveza11 feet3.353 m <br />PrevezaEpirus
Alexandreia AirportAlexandreia27 feet8.23 m <br />AlexandreiaImathia
Alexandroupoli AirportAlexandroupolis24 feet7.315 m <br />ApalosEastern Macedonia and Thrace
Andravida Air BaseAndravida55 feet16.764 m <br />AndravidaWestern Greece
Astypalaia Island National AirportAstypalaia165 feet50.292 m <br />AnalipsisAstypalaia
Athens/Eleftherios Venizelos International AirportAthens308 feet93.878 m <br />SpataAttica
Athens/Ellinikon InternationalAthens68 feet20.726 m <br />Elliniko, Athens
Chania International AirportChania490 feet149.352 m <br />Souda BayCrete
Chios Island National AirportChios15 feet4.572 m <br />KamposChios
Corfu International AirportCorfu6 feet1.829 m <br />PontikonisiCorfu
Heraklion International AirportHeraklion115 feet35.052 m <br />Nea AlikarnassosCrete
Ikaria Island National AirportIkaria79 feet24.079 m <br />FarosIkaria
Ioannina National AirportIoannina1,558 feet474.878 m <br />IoanninaEpirus
Kalamata International AirportKalamata26 feet7.925 m <br />KalamataMessenia
Kalymnos Island National AirportKalymnos771 feet235.001 m <br />PothiaKalymnos
Karpathos Island National AirportKarpathos66 feet20.117 m <br />KarpathosDodecanese
Kassos Island Public AirportKasos35 feet10.668 m <br />KasosDodecanese
Kastelorizo Island Public AirportKastelorizo474 feet144.475 m <br />KastelorizoDodecanese
Kastoria National AirportKastoria2,167 feet660.502 m <br />Argos OrestikoMacedonia
Kavala International AirportKavala18 feet5.486 m <br />ChrysoupoliEastern Macedonia and Thrace
Kefalonia International AirportKefalonia59 feet17.983 m <br />SvoronataKefalonia
Kithira Island National AirportKithira1,045 feet318.516 m <br />KithiraPeloponnese
Kos International AirportKos409 feet124.663 m <br />AndimachiaKos
Kozani National AirportKozani2,059 feet627.583 m <br />KozaniWestern Macedonia
Larissa National AirportLarissa207 feet63.094 m <br />LarissaThessaly
Lemnos International AirportLemnos14 feet4.267 m <br />GraviaLemnos
Leros Island National AirportLeros39 feet11.887 m <br />LerosDodecanese
Milos Island National AirportMilos10 feet3.048 m <br />KanabaCyclades
Mykonos Island National AirportMykonos405 feet123.444 m <br />MykonosCyclades
Mytilene International AirportLesbos60 feet18.288 m <br />MytileneLesbos
Naxos Island National AirportNaxos10 feet3.048 m <br />Agios ProkopiosCyclades
Nea Anchialos AirportVolos83 feet25.298 m <br />Nea AnchialosThessaly
New Paros AirportParos125 feet38.1 m <br />ParikiaParos
Patras Araxos AirportPatras46 feet14.021 m <br />AraxosPeloponnese
Rhodes International AirportRhodes19 feet5.791 m <br />ParadeisiRhodes
Samos International AirportSamos19 feet5.791 m <br />PythagorioNorth Aegean
Santorini International AirportThira/Santorini127 feet38.71 m <br />KamariCyclades
Sitia Public AirportSitia376 feet114.605 m <br />SitiaCrete
Skiathos International AirportSkiathos54 feet16.459 m <br />SkiathosMagnisia
Skyros Island National AirportSkyros44 feet13.411 m <br />TrachiSporades
Syros Island National AirportSyros236 feet71.933 m <br />SyrosCyclades
Thessaloniki InternationalThessaloniki22 feet6.706 m <br />ThermiCentral Macedonia
Zakynthos International AirportZakynthos15 feet4.572 m <br />KalamakiZakynthos