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The concept of namespaces is a way to group content by type. Namespaces divide the content of the wiki into different functional areas.

Articles without a ':' in their name are in the main namespace. This namespace is for articles; documents that aren't directly related to this may go in other namespaces. When articles are in another namespace, they are specified as namespace:article; i.e. this page is Help:Namespaces.

Each page has a corresponding discussion page. This can be used for feedback/comments about that page, or other local notes that another group may want to associate with the page, without modifying the document directly, or for any other additional information to associate with the document.

The discussion page on a user's page can be used for leaving messages. If this page is edited, the next time that user logs in he or she will see a notification that there are new messages.

Summary functionalities per namespace

Holds the primary content of this wiki.
Each User has a corresponding user page.
Information about this wiki. The name of the wiki installation SKYbraryWiki is an alias for Project.
For descriptions of uploaded files.
This namespace is used to change default system messages.
This is used for meta-information that is to be transcluded into multiple documents.
Documentation about working with the wiki.
For each category there is a description in this namespace.
Work in progress
Namespace for preparing new articles and testing.
For each portal there is a main entry page in this namespace.