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Tracking changes

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SKYbraryWiki offers a collection of tools to keep track of what is going on in the wiki. So you can watch for example recent changes to all pages, newly created pages, popular pages or the contributions of one specific user.

The most interesting tool is Special:Recentchanges. This special page displays all edits, file uploads, page moves, deletions and other actions done in the wiki. In the menu on top it offers a collection of links to customize your display: limit the number of changes shown, the number of days or restrict it to edits to a certain namespace. You can also hide edits marked as minor (don't forget that major changes can be flagged by a user as minor anyway).

One line in recentchanges consists of several links:

  • diff displays the difference to the previous revision of the page,
  • hist links to the revision history of the page,
  • the link with the full title of the page brings you to the current version. If the title is in bold, it indicates that it is on your watchlist.

Next is a flag describing the article modification type:

  • N signalizes a new page,
  • m a minor edit,
  • b an edit made by a bot.

Following the timestamp the user is mentioned with a link to his user and talk page and to his contributions. In italic follows a comment if the user has submitted one.

Track a specific page

There are two tools to track changes on a specific page. You can either add a page to your watchlist (only logged-in users can do this), or you can turn on an RSS feed for this page.

To add a page to your watchlist, you just go to the page and click the [watch] tab. Future changes to the page and its associated Talk page will be listed on your watchlist, and the page will appear bolded in the list of recent changes to make it easier to pick out. If you want to remove the page from your watchlist later, click the [unwatch] tab.

To turn on the RSS feed for a certain page, you go to the pageand click the [history] tab. In the toolbox there will appear a link to turn on RSS or Atom.

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