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Ian Goodwin

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Graduating with a Masters Degree in Aerospace Engineering from Southampton University in 2000, Ian GOODWIN joined Airbus as an engineer working initially in the Fuel System design office.

He Moved to Airbus Customer services in Toulouse in 2005, as a senior engineer, specializing in the fuel system, where his roles including supporting the A380 Entry into Service, as well as on site assistance for worldwide operators.

In 2010 he joined the Airbus product safety department, on the set up of the Product Safety Enhancement group, with the aim focusing on supporting the use of innovation, technology and safety data to enhance the safety of the Airbus product.

Since 2014 he has been chairman of the Airbus Product Safety Committee, which performs multi-domain in-depth follow up of in service incidents, with the focus on accident prevention.

He has represented Airbus in a range of international forums and initiatives such as the EASA CAT CAG and is a founding participant in the EASA Data 4 Safety initiative.