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Interference on 1030 MHz

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Category: Safety Alert Safety Alerts
Content source: EUROCONTROL Safety Alerts EUROCONTROL

Safety Warning Message

Interference on 1030 MHz

Date: 26 March 2009 Safety Warning Message.gif


  • EUROCONTROL Agency has been informed by a European Air Navigation Service Provider of a number of occurrences of loosing the surveillance data for some aircraft. The loss of data was confined within a given geographical area.
  • EUROCONTROL Surveillance Unit analysis suggests that the probable cause is interference sources transmitting on 1030MHz. Cases of similar interference in the past were associated with military or TV systems.
  • This particular ANSP system has, in case of surveillance loss, a functionality that generates system tracks based on the flight plan data.

ICAO Provisions

ANSPs are reminded that ICAO PANS-ATM provides:

  • Before providing an ATS surveillance service to an aircraft, identification shall be established and the pilot informed. Thereafter, identification shall be maintained until termination of the ATS surveillance service.
  • If identification is subsequently lost, the pilot shall be informed accordingly and, when applicable, appropriate instructions issued.
  • … the separation minima specified in 8.7.3 shall only be applied between identified aircraft when there is reasonable assurance that identification will be maintained.

Locating and Removing the Source of Interference

In case of cases of interference on 1030 MHz EUROCONTROL recommends:

  • That Air Navigation Service Providers or State Aviation Authority contacts the State Authorities responsible for frequency spectrum management.
  • That Air Navigation Service Providers assists the State Authorities responsible for frequency spectrum management in locating the source of the interference. This can be achieved by plotting the misses on a chart. The State Authorities responsible for frequency spectrum management can subsequently use a 1030MHz receiver in trying to find the sources(s) of interference.


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