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Territory information
Name Iran
Territory code OI IR.gif
Region Middle East


Iran, officially Islamic Republic of Iran, has Tehran as its capital

Airports in Iran

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Accidents in Iran

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Operators based in Iran

Airport listing of Iran

Abadan-Ayatollah Jami International AirportAbadan7 feet2.134 m <br />AbadanKhuzestan
Abu Musa AirportAbu Musa23 feet7.01 m <br />Abu Musa IslandHormozgan
Ahvaz International AirportAhvas66 feet20.117 m <br />AhvazKhuzestan
Arak AirportArak5,453 feet1,662.074 m <br />Mobarak AbadMarkazi
Ardabil AirportArdabil4,315 feet1,315.212 m <br />Gilan DehArdabil
Ayatollah Hashemi Rafsanjani International AirportKerman5,741 feet1,749.857 m <br />KermanKerman Province
Bam AirportBam3,231 feet984.809 m <br />BaravatKerman
Bandar Abbas International AirportBandar Abbas22 feet6.706 m <br />Bandar AbbasHomozgan
Bandar Lengeh AirportBandar Lengeh67 feet20.422 m <br />SadafBandar Lengeh
Birjand International AirportBirjand4,952 feet1,509.37 m <br />BirjandSouth Khorasan
Bojnord AirportBojnord3,499 feet1,066.495 m <br />BojnordNorth Khorasan
Bushehr International AirportBandar Bushehr68 feet20.726 m <br />Bandar BushehrBushehr
Dasht-e Naz AirportSari35 feet10.668 m <br />Shah AbadMazandaran Province
Dezful AirportAndimeshk474 feet144.475 m <br />DezfulKhuzestan
Fasa AirportFasa4,261 feet1,298.753 m <br />FasaFars
Gachsaran AirportGachsaran2,414 feet735.787 m <br />Sharak-E-HedyatKohgiluyeh and Boer-Ahmad Province
Gorgan AirportGrgan-24 feet-7.315 m <br />Amir AbadGolestan
Hamadan AirportHamedan5,755 feet1,754.124 m <br />HamedanHamadan Province
Ilam AirportIlam4,404 feet1,342.339 m <br />IlamIlam Province
Iramshahr AirportIramshahr2,040 feet621.792 m <br />SarzehSistan and Baluchistan Province
Isfahan International AirportIsfahan5,059 feet1,541.983 m <br />QahjavarestanIsfahan Province
Jahrom AirportJahrom3,358 feet1,023.518 m <br />JahromFars Province
Jam AirportBandar Siraf and Kangan2,164 feet659.587 m <br />JamBushehr Province
Jiroft AirportJiroft2,663 feet811.682 m <br />JiroftKerman Province
Kalaleh AirportKalaleh425 feet129.54 m <br />Barbar QalehGolestan Province
Kharg AirportKharg Island29 feet8.839 m <br />KhargBushehr
Khorramabad AirportKhorramabad3,782 feet1,152.754 m <br />KhorramabadLorstan Province
Khoy AirportKhoy3,981 feet1,213.409 m <br />AzabWest Azerbaijan Province
Kish InternationalKish Island101 feet30.785 m <br />Kish IslandKish Island
Konorak AirportChabahar43 feet13.106 m <br />KonorakBaluchistan
Lamerd AirportLamerd1,337 feet407.518 m <br />LamerdFars Province
Larestan International AirportLar2,625 feet800.1 m <br />LarFars Province
Mahshahr AirportBandar Mashahr8 feet2.438 m <br />Bandar MahshahrKhuzestan Province
Mashhad International AirportMashhad3,263 feet994.562 m <br />MashhadRazavi Khorasan Province
Mehrabad AirportTehran3,962 feet1,207.618 m <br />Mehr AbadTehran
Noshahr AirportChalus-61 feet-18.593 m <br />NowshahrMazandaran Province
Parsabad-Moghan AirportParsabad253 feet77.114 m <br />ParsabadArdabil Province
Persian Gulf International AirportAssaluyeh27 feet8.23 m <br />KhyarooBushehr
Qazvin AirportQazvin4,184 feet1,275.283 m <br />QazvinQazvin Province
Qeshm International AirportQeshm Island45 feet13.716 m <br />DirestanHormuzgan Province
Rafsanjan AirportRafsanjan5,298 feet1,614.83 m <br />RafsanjanKerman Province
Ramsar AirportRamsar-70 feet-21.336 m <br />RamsarMazandaran Province
Rasht AirportRasht-40 feet-12.192 m <br />RashtGilan Province
Sabzevar AirportSabzevar3,010 feet917.448 m <br />SabzevarRazavi Khorasan Province
Sahand AirportBonab4,396 feet1,339.901 m <br />Maragheh SahandEast Azerbaijan Province
Sanandaj AirportSanandaj4,522 feet1,378.306 m <br />SanandajKurdistan Province
Sarakhs AirportSarakhs945 feet288.036 m <br />SarakhsRazavi Khorasan Province
Shahid Ashrafi Esfahani AirportKermanshah4,301 feet1,310.945 m <br />NokanKermanshah Province
Shahid Sadooghi AirportYazd4,054 feet1,235.659 m <br />YazdYazd Province
Shahrekord AirportShahrekord6,723 feet2,049.17 m <br />ShahrekordChaharmahal and Bakhtiari Province
Shahroud AirportShahroud4,197 feet1,279.246 m <br />ShahroudSemnan Province
Shiraz International AirportShiraz4,920 feet1,499.616 m <br />ShirazFars Province
Sirjan AirportSirjan5,846 feet1,781.861 m <br />SirjanKeman Province
Sirri Island AirportSirri Island43 feet13.106 m <br />Sirri IslandHormozgan
Tabas AirportTabas2,312 feet704.698 m <br />TabasSouth Khorasan
Tabriz International AirportTabriz4,459 feet1,359.103 m <br />TabrizAzarbayjan-e Sharqi
Tehran/Imam Khomeini International AirportTehran3,305 feet1,007.364 m <br />SalmanabadTehran Province
Urmia AirportUrmia4,343 feet1,323.746 m <br />Asgar AbadWest Azerbijan Province
Yasuj AirportYasuj5,939 feet1,810.207 m <br />BalahzarKohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province
Zabol AirportZabol1,628 feet496.214 m <br />ZabolSistan and Baluchistan Province
Zahedan AirportZahedan4,564 feet1,391.107 m <br />ZahedanSistan and Baluchistan Province