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Prague/Václav Havel Airport

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Name Prague/Václav Havel Airport
Region Europe
Territory Czech Republic CZ.gif
Location Ruzyně, Prague
Serving Prague
Elevation 380.086 m
1,247 ft
1,247 ft380.086 m
Coordinates 50° 6' 6.00" N, 14° 15' 36.00" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
4/22 2120 m6,955.381 ft
60 m196.85 ft
ASP no/no
6/24 3715 m12,188.32 ft
45 m147.638 ft
CON yes/yes
13/31 3250 m10,662.73 ft
45 m147.638 ft
CON no/no

Observation LKPR 052100Z 18002KT CAVOK 18/10 Q1021 NOSIG
Station Praha / Ruzyne
Date/Time 05 August 2020 21:00:00
Wind direction 180°
Wind speed 02 kts
Lowest cloud amount clouds and visibility OK
Temperature 18°C
Dew point 10°C
Humidity 59%
QNH 1021 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Prague/Václav Havel Airport



International airport serving capital of the Czech Republic.


Humid Continental climate (Köppen climate classification Dfb) - Variable weather patterns and a large seasonal temperature variance. Summers are often warm and humid with frequent thunderstorms and winters can be very cold with frequent snowfall and persistent snow cover.



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of LKPR

  • A319 / B735, vicinity Prague Czech Republic, 2012 (On 7 September 2012, the crew of an Air France Airbus A319 failed to follow their arrival clearance at destination and turned directly towards the ILS FAF and thereby into conflict with a Boeing 737-500 on an ILS approach. When instructed to turn left (and clear of the ILS) by the controller, the crew replied that they were "following standard arrival" which was not the case. As the separation between the two aircraft reduced, the controller repeated the instruction to the A319 to turn left and this was acknowledged. Minimum lateral separation was 1.7nm, sufficient to activate STCA.)
  • AT45, vicinity Prague Czech Republic, 2012 (On 31 October 2012, the crew of an ATR42 on a handover airworthiness function flight out of Prague briefly lost control in a full stall with significant wing drop after continuing a prescribed Stall Protection System (SPS) test below the appropriate speed and then failing to follow the correct stall recovery procedure. Failure of the attempted SPS test was subsequently attributed to both AOA vanes having become contaminated with water during earlier aircraft repainting at a specialist contractor and consequently being constrained in a constant position whilst the SPS test was being conducted at well above the prevailing freezing level.)
  • B738/A321, Prague Czech Republic, 2010 (On 18 June 2010 a Sun Express Boeing 737-800 taxiing for a full length daylight departure from runway 06 at Prague was in collision with an Airbus 321 which was waiting on a link taxiway leading to an intermediate take off position on the same runway. The aircraft sustained damage to their right winglet and left horizontal stabiliser respectively and both needed subsequent repair before being released to service.)