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Max Leitschuh

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Max Leitschuh is a Senior Transportation Intelligence Analyst at WorldAware. He is the creator and lead author of WorldAware’s Airline Safety Newsletter and maintains WorldAware’s Worldcue Airline Monitor, which includes safety ratings for more than 500 airlines around the world. He has written articles for numerous publications, including Security Today, Security Magazine, Aviation Security International, and WorldAware’s own blog. Max joined the Managed Risk Services team at WorldAware (then known at iJET International) in 2010 after internships at the US Senate and the Library of Congress, and joined the company’s Category Intelligence Team in 2017. Max is an avid traveler and fan of motorsports, and follows Formula 1 racing especially closely. Aside from following the racing action, he also enjoys analyzing the safety aspects of racing, and how the world of motorsports, like the aviation industry, has greatly improved its safety standards in the past several decades. He takes a particularly strong interest in accident investigations, and in determining the root causes of tragic incidents, especially in industries with strong safety records. He believes that the motorsports world and aviation worlds have much to learn from each other, and can draw upon the lessons the other has learned to improve their already-excellent safety records.