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Name Christchurch
Region Asia and Pacific
Territory New Zealand NZ.gif
Location Harewood, Christchurch
Serving Christchurch
Elevation 37.49 m <br />123 ft <br />123 ft37.49 m <br />
Coordinates 43° 29' 21.09" S, 172° 32' 1.74" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
1/19 515 m1,689.633 ft <br /> 70 m229.659 ft <br /> GRS /
2/20 3288 m10,787.402 ft <br /> 45 m147.638 ft <br /> ASP yes/yes
11/29 1703 m5,587.27 ft <br /> 45 m147.638 ft <br /> Bitumen yes/yes

Observation NZCH 181200Z AUTO 34003KT 9999 NCD 09/09 Q1011 NOSIG
Station Christchurch
Date/Time 18 October 2021 12:00:00
Wind direction 340°
Wind speed 03 kts
Lowest cloud amount no clouds detected
Temperature 9°C
Dew point 9°C
Humidity 100%
QNH 1011 hPa
Weather condition n/a

Christchurch International Airport



Christchurch International Airport is the main airport that serves Christchurch, New Zealand. It is located 12 km6.479 nm <br />12,000 m <br />39,370.079 ft <br /> to the northwest of the city centre, in the suburb of Harewood.


Temperate Marine climate/Oceanic climate (Köppen climate classification Cfb). Moderately cool summer and comparatively warm winter with a temperature range of only 14°C57.2 °F <br />287.15 K <br />516.87 °R <br />.



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of NZCH

  • B738, Christchurch New Zealand, 2015 (On 11 May 2015, a Boeing 737-800 crew making a night landing at Christchurch had to react quickly when braking action deteriorated and only just succeeded in preventing an overrun. The Investigation found that a damp rather than wet runway had been assumed despite recent rain and that the aircraft operator had recently changed their procedures so that a damp runway should be considered as dry rather than wet for runway performance purposes. The questionable determination of the crew that the runway was likely to be damp, not wet, was attributed to a relatively high workload prior to final approach.)
  • B738, vicinity Christchurch New Zealand, 2011 (On 29 October 2011, a Boeing 737-800 on approach to Christchurch during the 68 year-old aircraft commander's annual route check as 'Pilot Flying' continued significantly below the applicable ILS minima without any intervention by the other pilots present before the approach lights became visible and an uneventful touchdown occurred. The Investigation concluded that the commander had compromised the safety of the flight but found no evidence to suggest that age was a factor in his performance. A Safety Recommendation was made to the Regulator concerning the importance of effective management of pilot check flights.)