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PAF Base Nur Khan

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Name PAF Base Nur Khan
Region Asia and Pacific
Territory Pakistan PK.gif
Location Rawalpindi, Punjab
Serving Islamabad and Rawalpindi
Elevation 514.502 m <br />1,688 ft <br />1,688 ft514.502 m <br />
Coordinates 33° 37' 0.01" N, 73° 5' 55.00" E
Designator Length Width Surface ROPS
12/30 3287 m10,784.121 ft <br /> 46 m150.919 ft <br /> ASP yes/yes

Tag(s) Bird Strike

Pakistan Air Force Base Nur Khan (founded as RAF Station Chaklala and previously known as PAF Base Chaklala) is an active Pakistan Air Force airbase located in Chaklala, Rawalpindi, Punjab province, Pakistan. The former Benazir Bhutto International Airport forms part of this airbase.


Humid subtropical Climate/Winter-rainfall climate (Köppen climate classification Cwa).



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Airport Layout

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Accidents & Serious Incidents at or in vicinity of OPRN

  • A321, vicinity Islamabad Pakistan, 2010 (On 28 July 2010, the crew of an Airbus A321 lost contact with the runway at Islamabad during a visual circling approach and continued in IMC outside the protected area and flying into terrain after repeatedly ignoring EGPWS Terrain Alerts and PULL UP Warnings. The Investigation concluded that the Captain had pre-planned a non-standard circuit which had been continued into IMC and had then failed to maintain situational awareness, control the aircraft through correct FMU inputs or respond to multiple EGPWS Warnings. The inexperienced First Officer appeared unwilling to take control in the absence of corrective action by the Captain.)
  • B732, vicinity Islamabad Pakistan, 2012 (On 20 April 2012, the crew of a Boeing 737-200 encountered negative wind shear during an ILS final approach at night in lMC and failed to respond with the appropriate recovery actions. The aircraft impacted the ground approximately 4 nm from the threshold of the intended landing runway. The Investigation attributed the accident to the decision to continue to destination in the presence of adverse convective weather and generally ineffective flight deck management and noted that neither pilot had received training specific to the semi-automated variant of the 200 series 737 being flown and had no comparable prior experience.)