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Safety Behaviours

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2018 Safety Forum

EUROCONTROL, Brussels, 29 - 30 May 2018

The Focus

The 6th Annual Safety Forum will take place on 29-30 May 2018 in Brussels. This year’s event will be dedicated to Safety Behaviours. Safety behaviour is expected from all actors at all levels, from top management to operational staff. We will be looking into ways to improve and promulgate best practices across the wide spectrum of aviation domains. Without a doubt we can learn from each other.

The Forum is again being co-sponsored by the Flight Safety Foundation, European Regions Airline Association and EUROCONTROL. It will take place at the EUROCONTROL Headquarters where at least 250 front line professionals and those who train and manage them will be able to hear presentations and view posters on Safety Behaviours.

The Forum will consider industry best practice and functionality that can promote, improve, encourage and create Safety Behaviours. Although aviation can be proud of their safety records, still there are cases when pilots, controllers and management deviate sometimes from the existing procedures or need to act to ensure safety in the absence of procedure in non-nominal situations. During the forum we would like to have a frank discussion on the root causes of deviations from the established safety routines and how to influence safety behaviour and promote the development of safer and effective procedures.

Be a Part of it

Although the registration for the Forum has already been closed (no more places avaialble) you still can have access to the safety knowledge contributed by the Forum participants by subscribing for the SKYbrary highlights.


See the latest version of the agenda here...

Event Organisation Committee

This year's EAC Event Organising Committee has been co-chaired by:

  • Stanislaw Drozdowski, EUROCONTROL and
  • Capt Pascal Kremer, Luxair and European Regions Airline Association (ERA)

Organising Committee Members:

  • Karen Bolton, UK NATS
  • Mike Edwards, Homefield ATM Safety
  • Capt Ed Pooley, The Air Safety Consultancy
  • Capt Harry Nelson, Airbus
  • Dr Richard Kennedy, Boeing