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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Call Sign Confusion
  • Loss of Comms
  • Incorrect Readback missed
  • Phraseology
  • Language Clarity
  • Low Fuel Status
  • Flight Crew Oxygen Mask Use
  • Take off without clearance
  • Landing without clearance
  • Military Formation Clearance
  • Military/Civil Coordination
  • Provision of Aircraft Performance Data
  • ATC Clearance Cancelled
  • Multiple Language use on Frequency
  • Blocked Transmission
  • Latest Runway Performance Information
  • Read Back Clearance not followed
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Incorrect Readback missed  +
Phraseology  +, Multiple Language use on Frequency  +
Multiple Language use on Frequency  +, Read Back Clearance not followed  +
Loss of Comms  +, Landing without clearance  +
Landing without clearance  +
ATC Clearance Cancelled  +
Incorrect Readback missed  +, Multiple Language use on Frequency  +
Incorrect Readback missed  +, Phraseology  +
Incorrect Readback missed  +, Phraseology  +
Phraseology  +, Flight Crew Oxygen Mask Use  +
Loss of Comms  +, Phraseology  +
Incorrect Readback missed  +
Incorrect Readback missed  +