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This is a property of type String.

The allowed values for this property are:

  • Overrun on Landing
  • Directional Control
  • Intentional Veer Off Runway
  • Excessive Airspeed
  • RTO decision after V1
  • High Speed RTO (V above 80 but not above V1)
  • Unable to rotate at VR
  • Frozen Deposits on Runway
  • Collision Avoidance Action
  • Excessive Water Depth
  • Late Touchdown
  • Significant Tailwind Component
  • Significant Crosswind Component
  • Thrust Reversers not fitted
  • Landing Performance Assessment
  • Off side of Runway
  • Misaligned take off
  • Taxiway Take Off/Landing
  • Runway Length Temporarily Reduced
  • Intentional Premature Rotation
  • Incorrect Aircraft Configuration
  • Reduced Thrust Take Off
  • Fixed Obstructions in Runway Strip
  • Ineffective Use of Retardation Methods
  • Continued Take Off
  • Continued Landing Roll
  • Excessive Exit to Taxiway Speed
  • Runway Condition not as reported
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Directional Control  +, Fixed Obstructions in Runway Strip  +, Off side of Runway  +,
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Incorrect Aircraft Configuration  +, Reduced Thrust Take Off  +
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Off side of Runway  +
Off side of Runway  +
Directional Control  +
Directional Control  +, Off side of Runway  +
Off side of Runway  +
Off side of Runway  +
Taxiway Take Off/Landing  +
Overrun on Landing  +
Directional Control  +, Off side of Runway  +
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