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Spin Recovery

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In the event a spin is entered unintentionally, recovery actions should be taken immediately as considerable loss of altitude can result. If the aircraft is not certified for intentional spins or if the centre of gravity is beyond the aft limit, recovery may not be achievable.

If a specific spin recovery procedure has been identified by the aircraft manufacturer, that procedure must be used. Otherwise, recovery from an upright spin may be achieved by following the "PARE" mnemonic procedure first developed in the 1930's by NACA:

  • P - Power Idle - Reduce power on all engines to idle.
  • A - Ailerons Neutral - Remove any aileron input.
  • R - Rudder Opposite - Apply rudder opposite to the yaw (direction of the spin) until the spin stops. Then centralise the rudder.
  • E - Elevator Through Neutral - Apply forward elevator (up to full control deflection if required) to reduce the angle of attack and unstall the wing.

Once the listed items have been successfully accomplished, adjust the power and the elevator inputs to return the aircraft to level, controlled flight.

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