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Territory information
Name Switzerland
Territory code LS CH.gif
Region Europe


Switzerland, officially Swiss Confederation, has Bern as its capital

Airports in Switzerland

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Accidents in Switzerland

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Operators based in Switzerland

Airport listing of Switzerland

Alpnach Air BaseAlpnach1,460 feet445.008 m <br />AlpnachObwalden
Ambri AirportQuinto3,241 feet987.857 m <br />AmbrìTicino
Amlikon Glider AirportAmlikon1,371 feet417.881 m <br />AmlikonThurgau
Balzers HeliportBalzers1,585 feet483.108 m <br />BalzersLiechtenstein
Bern Belp AirportBern1,674 feet510.235 m <br />BelpBern
Biel-Kappelen AirportLyss1,437 feet437.998 m <br />WorbenBern
Birrfeld AirportLupfig1,300 feet396.24 m <br />LupfigAargau
Buochs AirportBuochs1,475 feet449.58 m <br />BuochsNidwalden
Courtelary AirportCourtelary2,247 feet684.886 m <br />CourtelaryBern
Dübendorf AirportDübendorf1,470 feet448.056 m <br />DübendorfZurich
Ecuvillens AirportFribourg2,293 feet698.906 m <br />EcuvillensFribourg
Emmen AirportEmmen1,400 feet426.72 m <br />Emmen DorfLuzern
Geneva Cointrin International AirportGeneva1,411 feet430.073 m <br />MeyrinGeneve
Grenchen AirportGrenchen1,411 feet430.073 m <br />GrenchenSolothurn
Interlaken Air BaseInterlaken1,893 feet576.986 m <br />InterlakenBern
La Côte AirportNyon1,352 feet412.09 m <br />PranginsVaud
Lausanne-la Blecherette AirportLausanne2,041 feet622.097 m <br />LausanneVaud
Les Eplatures AirportLes Eplatures3,368 feet1,026.566 m <br />La Chaux-de-FondsNeuchatel
Locarno AirportLocarno650 feet198.12 m <br />GordolaTicino
Lodrino Air BaseLodrinoLodrinoTicino
Lommis AirportLommis1,539 feet469.087 m <br />LommisThurgau
Lugano AirportLugano915 feet278.892 m <br />AgnoTicino
Meiringen AirportMeiringen1,895 feet577.596 m <br />UnterbachBern
Mollis AirportMollis1,470 feet448.056 m <br />MollisGlarus
Neuchatel AirportNeuchatel1,427 feet434.95 m <br />ColombierNeuchatel
Olten AirportOlten1,366 feet416.357 m <br />OltenSolothurn
Payerne AirportPayerne1,465 feet446.532 m <br />MorensFribourg
Raron AirportRaron2,029 feet618.439 m <br />RaronValais
Reichenbach Air BaseReichenbach im Kandertal2,385 feet726.948 m <br />ReichenbachBern
Saanen AirportGstaad3,284 feet1,000.963 m <br />SaanenBern
Samedan AirportSankt Moritz5,600 feet1,706.88 m <br />SamedanGraubunden
Sion AirportSion1,585 feet483.108 m <br />SionValais
Speck-Fehraltorf AirportFehraltorf1,748 feet532.79 m <br />SpeckZurich
St Gallen Altenrhein AirportRorschach1,306 feet398.069 m <br />AltenrheinSankt Gallen
St Stephan AirportSt. Stephan3,304 feet1,007.059 m <br />MattenBern
Triengen AirportTriengen1,594 feet485.851 m <br />TriengenLuzern
Wangen-Lachen AirportWangen-Lachen1,335 feet406.908 m <br />LachenSchwyz
Yverdon-les-Bains AirportYverdon-Les-Bains1,421 feet433.121 m <br />Yverdon-Les-BainsVaud
Zürich AirportZürich1,416 feet431.597 m <br />KlotenZürich