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Name Tornado
Manufacturer PANAVIA
Body Narrow
Wing Fixed Wing
WTC Medium
Type code L2J
Engine Jet
Engine count Multi
Mass group 4

Manufacturered as:

BAC Tornado
MBB Tornado


PANAVIA Tornado PANAVIA Tornado 3D


Multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) with variable wing sweep. In service since 1989. Swing-wing, multi-role military aircraft development with fly-by-wire system. Built in a few versions: IDS strike/ground attack aircraft for Germany, Italy, Saudi Arabia and UK; ECR electronic combat reconnaissance aircraft for Germany and Italy; and ADV air defence fighter/interceptor for Italy, Saudi Arabia and UK. Total of 992 aircraft were built, last delivered to Saudi Arabia in 1998. Germany and Italy are upgrading IDS aircraft to Gr. 4 version with FLIR, ECM and new avionics since 1998. Max Mach 2.34.

Technical Data

Wing span 13.9 m45.604 ft <br />
Length 16.7 m54.79 ft <br />
Height 6 m19.685 ft <br />
Powerplant 2 x 71.5kN Turbounion RB199-34 R afterburning turbofans.
Engine model Turbo-Union RB199

Performance Data

Take-Off Initial Climb
(to 5000 ft)
Initial Climb
(to FL150)
Initial Climb
(to FL240)
MACH Climb Cruise Initial Descent
(to FL240)
(to FL100)
Descent (FL100
& below)
V2 (IAS) kts IAS kts IAS kts IAS kts MACH TAS 1300 kts MACH IAS kts IAS kts Vapp (IAS) kts
Distance m ROC 15000 ft/min ROC ft/min ROC ft/min ROC ft/min MACH 2.2 ROD ft/min ROD ft/min MCS kts Distance m
MTOW 2800028,000 kg <br />28 tonnes <br /> kg Ceiling FL500 ROD ft/min APC D
WTC M Range 750750 nm <br />1,389,000 m <br />1,389 km <br />4,557,086.618 ft <br /> NM

Accidents & Serious Incidents involving TOR

  • DH8D / TOR, en-route, North Sea UK, 2008 (On 13 October 2008, a DHC-8 Q400 operating in uncontrolled airspace and in receipt of civil radar advisory service was given an avoiding action turn against military traffic but then received and actioned a TCAS RA whilst inside a notified Danger Area as a result of the avoiding action turn. No close proximity to other traffic resulted.)
  • TOR / C152, en-route, Mattersey Nottinghamshire UK, 1999 (On 21 January 1999, a UK Royal Air Force Tornado GR1 and a private Cessna 152 collided in mid air, at low level in day VMC with the resultant loss of both aircraft and the death of all occupants.)